New Personalized News Reader Artifact Released

The New Personalized News Reader Artifact Released Today

Artifact, the personalized news reader app from the co-founders of Instagram has been released. Now, the public can have access to the app for free. The crazy fact is that there is no need of signing into the app. That means you need not provide any of your details like a phone number or mail, etc. They dropped off the waitlist and users can use the app freely. 

The New Personalized News Reader Artifact, Released Today

One of the founders Systorm says that the reason for the delay in launching is not only to increase curiosity among the people about the app but also to deliver the best experience to all the users. So now that the personalized news reader app, Artifact, has been released, the public can have access for free.

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The app looks great and users get a glimpse of everything that they have read. Everything will be listed sequentially and nothing will be mentioned regarding the number of likes, number of views, etc. The founders explain that this app gives users a completely personalized experience, including a feature that doesn’t show one user’s history or preferences to the other user.

  • The best part is it allows you 10+ categories to follow; out of which my favorites are Apps, Startups & Mental Wellness.
  • Moreover, you can invite your friends & family, follow common interests and discuss on the dinner table.
  • You need to enter your phone number only if you want the app to port to another device.

Artifact News Feed 1Artifact News Feed 2

When Artifact was announced in January, people had to log in with a phone number and an invite code to try it out. But people outside the United States could not log in even with the invite code. That is because a U.S. phone number was a must for signing up. This created some disturbance among the audience but now, anyone can use the app without signing in.

Source: Artifact on Twitter

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