Take Control of Your Online Transactions with Notarize’s New Offering: Proof

In an increasingly digital world, trust has become a scarce commodity. With the rise of online transactions and the ability to easily falsify records, establishing trust has become more challenging than ever. Take control of your online transactions with Notarize’s new offering, Proof. Notarize, a pioneer in remote online notarization, aims to tackle this problem head-on with its latest innovation: Proof.

Take Control of Your Online Transactions with Notarize's New Offering Proof

Bringing Trust to Every Agreement

Notarize has been on a mission to bring trust to every agreement for the past 8 years. Their platform has revolutionized the way people create trusted records, making it accessible, easy to use, and more secure than traditional paper-based methods. Now, with Proof, they are taking trust and cyber security to a whole new level.

Beyond Signatures: The Power of Proof

Signatures alone are no longer sufficient to establish trust in online transactions. With Proof, Notarize introduces NIST IAL2-compliant signatures that combine auditable identification with digital signatures. This strong form of identification, coupled with biometric verification, ensures a level of security that meets national standards.

Preventing Forgery and Fraud

Forgery and fraud pose significant risks in the digital world. Notarize Proof platform monitors every transaction for potential fraud, providing businesses with fraud signals and enriched identity data. By leveraging auditable identification and cryptographic evidence, Proof helps prevent signatures from being forged and ensures the integrity of every transaction.

The Human Element: Notaries and Trust

While AI plays a vital role in transaction management, Notarize recognizes that trust ultimately lies with humans. Their unique Notarize Network connects customers with trusted notaries who can verify identities in real-time. Combining human verification with advanced technology, it ensures identity verification at a scale without sacrificing efficiency.

Building a Future of Trust

Notarize Proof platform is just the beginning. Their vision extends to a future where every consumer has a Proof-verified identity, enabling seamless and trustworthy interactions. By incorporating biometrics and cryptographic signatures, Notarize aims to make trust instantaneous, revolutionizing the way businesses and customers engage in the digital world.

With Notarize new offering, Proof, individuals and businesses can regain control over their online transactions. By leveraging auditable identification, cryptographic evidence, and the expertise of trusted notaries, Notarize is ushering in a new era of trust and cyber security. Say goodbye to the risks of forgery and fraud and say hello to a future where trust is at the core of every agreement.

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