Taco Bell Built by Minecraft Player in an Unusual In-Game Location

Taco Bell built by Minecraft Player in an unusual in-game location. Taco Bell is a famous fast-food chain that is very common in the United States of America and therefore this build can be considered a unique choice in the Minecraft world.

Taco Bell built by Minecraft Player in an unusual in-game location

A lot of Minecraft players have used the game to create amazing designs and buildings. The game offers various blocks that can be used by the players for creating things in the three modes namely, Hardcore, Survival, and Creative modes. Many other items apart from the blocks are available to creative gamers.

Taco Bell built by Minecraft player in an unusual in-game location was revealed via a Reddit post by a user named Mochicooch. The location of the building was very notable as well as strange. Mochicooch said that they wanted to use the Ocean Monument in Minecraft to create the Taco Bell but making an underwater fast-food restaurant was appearing like an odd choice.

The creator shared the pictures from where it can be inferred that the building’s exterior was identifiable as it had a text of Taco Bell written on various sides of the entire structure despite being in the ocean. On the side wall, a large bell was situated and on the opposite side of the building, the drive-thru was visible.

Mochicooch modeled an impressive exterior structure and they went the extra mile as they furnished the interior. According to the images some chairs and tables were kept in and around the restaurant and above the main counter a menu has been positioned.

Many fast-food enthusiasts and gamers noticed this bizarre creation by Mochicooch on Reddit. The underwater Taco Bell in Minecraft received more than 2k upvotes and a lot of them questioned the build. One segment of people were wondering who would work in a restaurant located at the bottom of an Ocean while others gave the reply that said cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants. Other gamers were of the view that the user should make other fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s in the game.

This underwater Taco Bell is not the first eatery structure that has been created by Mochicooch in Minecraft. They also created a Chic-Fil-A in the game. Other players have also shared their creations online one player built a city inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 in the game. There are literally no limits to what all can be created in the best-selling game of Mojang.

Source: Reddit Post

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