Switch Console Update 16.0.1 Released by Nintendo

Switch Console Update 16.0.1 was released by Nintendo all over the globe. The update for the Switch consoles arrived almost after a month after the 16.0.0 update. The previous update was a major one where some adjustments were made to the internal operations of the Switch OS and the update focused majorly on the system.


This is a controversial time for Nintendo and the firmware update for Switch OS arrived as well. The two famous versions of the Nintendo eShops called 3DS and Wii U will permanently close in a few days and due to this, a large segment of content creators and gamers will scramble to buy more games from the eShops before the closing time.

Some games from those systems have already made their way to Switch in some way or the other but famous titles like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD will become digitally inaccessible. It is still unclear whether or not the closure of 3DS and Wii U will force Nintendo to make ports into Switch in the short term.

The Switch Console Update 16.0.1 released by Nintendo includes improvements to the general system stability that will eventually enhance the user’s experience. This is very less for an average user of Nintendo Switch but according to a Twitter user named OatmealDome, there is more to the update than at first look. According to OatmealDome’s Twitter thread, there are adjustments made to language filters within the operating system of Switch just like the Firmware version 16.0.0 did in February. In the BCAT system module, additional bug fixes were made, but somehow OatmealDome failed to pinpoint how it happened.

By going to the System Settings the users of Switch can ensure that their consoles are updated. The Switch Firmware update version 16.0.1 coincided with the Nintendo Switch Online Game boy app version 1.1.1 which witnessed an odd text description change for the game Kirby’s Dream Land 2. The change made the description of certain characters like Coo, Rick, and Kine more expansive than before.

The Switch turned six years old on 3rd March 2023 but the latest updates to Switch firmware might seem underwhelming. The rumors that Nintendo is making its next console are making rounds but only the future will disclose the plans of Nintendo for Switch and other devices as well.

Source: Nintendo Switch System Updates and Change History

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