Substack Launches New Notes with Twitter-Like Feed

We at TechCult have been closely following Twitter and have seen it reach the state that it is in today. Twitter started launching Twitter Blue and created waves with its Pay-to-verify blue checkmark that users haven’t received well. Thus, new social media apps are rising that are similar to Twitter. An example of which is Substack launching new notes with Twitter-like feed.

Substack Launches New Notes with Twitter-like feed.

With a really well-timed launch, Substack revealed their new Notes in a blog on On Substack posted on April 5th, 2023, in which Substack stated, “In the coming days, we will start rolling out a way for writing, ideas, and discussion to travel through the Substack network. We’re calling this new product Notes.” The blog further explained what Notes was and what kind of content can be posted on the app. In Notes, “writers will be able to post short-form content and share ideas with each other and their readers.”

Substack realized that people would find their feed similar to social media like Twitter and duly addressed this by stating what makes it different. In the blog they explained, “While Notes may look like familiar social media feeds, the key difference is in what you don’t see. The Substack network runs on paid subscriptions, not ads. This changes everything.”

With Twitter charging outrage amounts to give blue and golden checkmarks, users are moving away from the app. This has created a new market for many new social media that are entering the market, apps like Post and Substack are creating a place in the market, filling up the void that Elon Musk’s Twitter is making.

Source: On Substack News

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