Get Ready to Unleash Your Inner Jedi in Star Wars: Outlaws – Ubisoft’s Open-World Star Wars Extravaganza

In an exciting collaboration between Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft, and Lucasfilm Games, fans were thrilled to learn about the upcoming release of the first-ever open-world Star Wars game by Ubisoft, Outlaws. The game is set to debut in 2024 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. Get ready to unleash your inner Jedi in Star Wars: Outlaws, Ubisoft’s open-world Star Wars Extravaganza that takes place between the iconic events of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Get Ready to Unleash Your Inner Jedi in Star Wars: Outlaws - Ubisoft's Open-World Star Wars Extravaganza

Return to A Galaxy Far, Far Away with Kay Vess

In Star Wars: Outlaws, players will assume the role of Kay Vess, a cunning scoundrel navigating the treacherous galactic underworld. As Kay, you’ll embark on a daring adventure to execute one of the most audacious heists ever attempted in the Outer Rim. The game’s official key art showcases Kay and her loyal companion Nix, accompanied by a mysterious trenchcoat-wearing BX-commando droid, hinting at the thrilling and enigmatic journey that lies ahead.

Return to A Galaxy Far, Far Away with Kay Vess
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A Dream Collaboration: Massive Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games

Julian Gerighty, creative director at Massive Entertainment, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, in a press release stating, “It’s a dream come true to be able to collaborate with the team at Lucasfilm Games to create Star Wars: Outlaws, the first open-world Star Wars game. Our team at Massive Entertainment has a great deal of experience in open-world games backed by strong technology, and it’s the perfect time to tell an original scoundrel story that will resonate with fans.”

Galactic Opportunity: The Galaxy Awaits

With the Galactic Empire relentlessly pursuing the Rebel Alliance and the criminal underworld flourishing, Kay Vess finds herself in a galaxy ripe with opportunity. In the face of danger and uncertainty, she seeks both freedom and the chance to forge a new life. The new open-world Star Wars by Ubisoft invites players to join Kay as she fights, steals, and outwits her way through the galaxy’s formidable crime syndicates, making her one of the most wanted individuals in the galaxy.

Cinematic Trailer and Immersive Experience

During the recent Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft and Ubisoft treated fans to a captivating cinematic trailer for Star Wars: Outlaws. Set against the backdrop of a vast and immersive open world, players will have the chance to explore a variety of distinct planets, both familiar and uncharted. This promises an unparalleled Star Wars experience, allowing players to dive into the rich lore of the universe while forging their own path.

The excitement continues to build as Ubisoft has promised to reveal additional footage and insights about Star Wars: Outlaws during its upcoming Ubisoft Forward event. Fans eagerly anticipate this opportunity to catch a further glimpse into the epic adventure that awaits them.

In the not-so-distant future, the new open-world Star Wars by Ubisoft will transport players to a galaxy far, far away, where they will have the power to shape their destiny. So, prepare to unleash your inner Jedi, embrace the spirit of adventure, and prepare for an open-world Star Wars extravaganza unlike anything seen before. The force is strong with Outlaws, and fans are ready to embark on an unforgettable journey. May the scoundrels be with you!

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