Take Control of Your Music: Spotify Redesigns Desktop App, Bringing Mobile-inspired Library Management

Calling all music lovers! Now you can take control of your music, as Spotify redesigns its desktop app, bringing mobile-inspired library management to enhance your music listening experience. Spotify, the popular music streaming platform, has just unveiled this exciting update for its Desktop app, bringing a fresh new look and mobile-inspired features right to your computer screens.

Take Control of Your Music Spotify Redesigns Desktop App, Bringing Mobile-inspired Library Management

While Spotify’s mobile app gets frequent updates for the app and its widgets on both Android and iOS the desktop app is the one that often gets neglected. The new update will freshen up the experience of users across all the computer screens in the world.

Your Library: Organize with Ease

On the left-hand side of the app window, you’ll find the all-new Your Library section, providing quick access to your saved music and podcast collections. This streamlined feature allows you to save time, easily switch between playlists, and offer a better overview of your content. It’s never been simpler to navigate your personal music library!

Now Playing: Dive Deeper

On the right-hand side, Spotify introduces the Now Playing view. This view displays the current song or podcast you’re enjoying, along with additional information about the artist, such as upcoming tour dates and merchandise. Dive deeper into your favorite artists’ world and discover even more about them. Some podcasts even offer the option to follow along with transcripts as you listen, adding a new level of engagement.

Customization and Tips

With individually customizable designs, these new views provide a richer experience, more context, and quicker access to your personal favorites. Plus, don’t worry about missing out on the Friend Activity feed—it’s still accessible through the friends icon next to your profile picture.

To make the most of these exciting new features, Spotify offers some helpful tips. You can go compact by collapsing the library to focus solely on playlist icons. The improved Library design also allows you to search and filter your own content exclusively, saving you time and effort. Additionally, you can customize the size of Your Library and Now Playing views to suit your preferences and make the app truly yours. While these new features will soon be available to all, we are yet to see Spotify’s AI DJ to drop to their desktop version.

The redesigned Your Library and Now Playing views are rolling out to Desktop users worldwide, so be sure to update your app and experience the enhanced control of the redesign of the Spotify desktop app. So go ahead, launch one of Spotify’s flagship playlists, or dive into your own curated collection and enjoy the music you love with this exciting new update!

Source: Spotify Newsroom

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