Spotify New Design Makes it TikTok-Like

Spotify New Design Makes it TikTok-Like

Spotify constantly keeps updating its UI to keep everything fresh and fun. But Spotify’s new design makes it TikTok-like, with image-heavy interface and vertical scrolling it turns the new Spotify home screen into something close to Instagram and TikTok.

Spotify New Design Makes it TikTok-Like

The new Spotify updates were announced during their Stream on event held on 8 March 2023. Co-President and Chief Product & Technology Officer Gustav Söderström during the event said, “the most important thing we, at Spotify, can do for creators is to reduce the distance between their art and the people who love it . . . or who would love it as soon as they discovered it.” Spotify has always tried to be something more than just a music app. Investing heavily in Podcasts, Audiobooks, live audio, etc. making Spotify a complete audio experience. These new changes will help creators connect more easily and more creatively than before.

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What to look out for in the new Spotify update:

  • Improved Music, Podcasts & Shows, and Audiobook Preview – Now you can find personalized, curated previews of the songs, podcasts, and audiobooks which you might enjoy. The new preview makes it a lot easier to discover new music, podcasts, etc. and save or share them.
  • New feeds for discovery in Search – The new feed makes Spotify a lot more like TikTok. You can easily scroll up and down your Spotify app’s Home and find short Canvas clips from tracks from your favorite genres, then save the tracks, follow those artists, and share it with your friends – all from one place.
  • Smart Shuffle – The new smart shuffle breathes new life into listening sessions by shuffling tracks and adding new, perfectly tailored suggestions to match the vibe of your playlist.
  • DJ – Spotify had already recently launched a beta version of its AI-powered DJ for premium users in the US and Canada. The DJ uses machine learning to analyze your data and find more songs that you may like and plays them. Users who already had access to it love it a lot.
  • Autoplay for Podcasts – Just like music, now Spotify will allow Autoplay for Podcasts. So, now when a podcast ends a new one will start playing that perfectly fits your taste.

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Spotify constantly keeps innovating and updating, but this is a massive shift in the app’s history. Stay tuned with TechCult to stay on top of everything tech.

Source: Spotify Newsroom

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