Spotify is Replacing its Heart Icon With Another Icon

Spotify is Replacing its Heart Icon With Another Icon

Spotify is replacing its heart icon with another icon. Spotify announced that change in their recent blog post on February 27, 2023. The app will add a “plus” icon or “Add to a playlist” button that will replace the heart icon on the application.

Spotify is Replacing its Heart Icon With Another Icon

Until now, when you pressed the heart icon for a song or podcast on Spotify, it was added to a separate playlist. If you wanted to create a customized playlist, you needed to select the option from the menu. Now, users will be able to create playlists directly by tapping the plus icon next to the song title.

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Spotify heart icon to add songs in library

Spotify first started testing this feature back in October 2022. The new icon will be available to users worldwide beginning today. Since the app has been testing this feature for a long time, many users already have an add to a playlist icon next to their song titles. The feature will be added to both iOS and Android devices.

The reaction to the Spotify icon change has been mixed. Many users appear to be disappointed by the removal of the heart symbol, which is a universal symbol of liking and has assisted users in adding songs they enjoy to the library. On the other hand, the new plus icon will help users organize and create multiple playlists quickly.

The change also coincided with the music streaming platform’s ongoing efforts to improve the user experience. Recently, Spotify also launched DJ, which is an AI-based feature that provides listeners with a curated music experience with AI-powered commentary on their favorite songs and podcasts. DJ feature is still under Beta testing and is only available for English listeners and rolled out in Canada and the United States.

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In a new attempt to enhance the user experience on the platform, Spotify is replacing its heart icon and replacing it with another icon. The company is confident that the change will help users sort their preferences and music by giving them quick access to playlists. The feature will be available on February 28, 2023.

Source: Spotify Newsroom

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