Spotify is Modifying its Podcaster Tools Including Anchor

Spotify is Modifying its Podcaster Tools Including Anchor

It has something for everyone. Yes, the digital music service app Spotify which offers access to not just millions of songs but also podcasts and audio content from around the world, is trying to keep its users busy with gossip after the announcement came that Spotify is modifying its podcaster tools including Anchor.

Spotify is Modifying its Podcaster Tools Including Anchor

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Takeaway from the news:

  • Anchor now part of Spotify for Podcasters
  • Tools of creators under the same roof
  • Podcast previews, Podcast chapters announced
  • Separate room to educate content creators
  • Spotify now partners with Patreon

During its Stream On event in Los Angeles, the audio streaming giant showcased a remodeled version of “Spotify for Podcasters.” The enhanced one-stop-shop streamlines and comprehends all the necessary tools for podcast content creators to create, manage and grow their channels. We would like to remind our readers that Spotify acquired Anchor for $154 million back in 2019. The redesign seems to be a significant blow to Anchor.

With easy access to analytics, tracking the audience’s engagement with any particular show, instant upload of an episode, or adding more features to the existing ones, the revamp may prove a game changer for creators. Moreover, users of Spotify for Podcasters would now also be able to conduct Q&A sessions, or run polls for their listeners, among the features taken from Anchor.

Previously, our most innovative features were limited to Anchor users exclusively. But we’re building the new Spotify for Podcasters in a way that offers more open access to innovation. As a result, all Spotify for Podcasters users—including those not hosting their content with us—will find access to Q&A and Poll functionality in their dashboards.”, reads the official blog post.

The company asserts that the update will enable comprehensive features for all users, regardless of whether they host their show on Spotify or not. In essence, it has something for listeners as well as it offers them a glimpse of what to expect before committing to a full episode, i.e., Podcast previews in the Home feed. Podcast listeners and enthusiasts on Spotify can now sample any episode of an audio or video version of their favorite podcast.

In addition to that, creators will now have access to add Podcast Chapters to their episodes, which can be done by including timestamps in the episode descriptions. This will ultimately ease the process for a listener to navigate to any particular topic of talk or section to watch/rewatch instead of searching and fast-forwarding the entire episode.

Spotify Labs is dedicated to fostering the talents of creators by offering them exclusive access to create content in Spotify’s state-of-the-art production studios. Moreover, one can even master its art, interact with fellow podcasters and creators and learn from industry experts to create compelling content.

Furthermore, Spotify also developed a new room for educational podcast content furnished with growth tips, how-to guides, like-minded and in-the-profession advice, and many more.

As part of the event, Spotify ignited excitement among its users with the announcement of its partnership with Patreon. Subsequently, creators will be able to expand their membership business by receiving direct payments from fans, and also provide their fans with the opportunity to listen to their Patreon content on Spotify.

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As Spotify is modifying its podcaster tools including Anchor, the updates and redesign efforts from Spotify are testaments of its commitment to providing an exceptional user experience. In the comments box below, let us know if you listen to podcasts on Spotify, and how your experience has been.

Source: Spotify Newsroom

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