Sony Releases New PlayStation 5 Update

Sony released a new PlayStation5 update

Sony released a new PlayStation 5 update in which they have added the highly anticipated discord integration. Version 7 is available on all PlayStation 5 consoles that allow the owners to effortlessly join Discord calls. There have been improvements to 1440p resolution and data can also be transferred seamlessly between the PlayStation 5 consoles. A newly added feature is also there in the update that will enable the users to use their voices to capture their gameplay clips.

Sony released new PlayStation 5 update

Owners of PlayStation 5 will now be able to use Discord app on their PC or mobile to transfer such a call to their PS5 consoles. The players cannot access the servers of Discord on PS5 without using a PC or mobile device for transferring the call.

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Sony released a new PlayStation5 update and the integration of Discord is a sleek one. Once the calls get transferred, players can see their friends across different platforms such as PC and Xbox in a call. On PlayStation 5 dashboard, a call exists like a party in some separate app until the user terminates the call. Discord stream or chat messages won’t be visible on the console because, for now, only the voice calls feature is supported.

For crossplay purpose Discord integration is a great addition that will allow gamers to chat with gamers on different platforms and the dependency on in-game chat options and features will reduce. Discord integration for Xbox was improved last year by Microsoft that allowed Xbox gamers to join voice channels directly from the Console without using other devices such as a PC or a Phone.

The PlayStation5 update also focused on improvement to the 1440p mode. According to Sony, Variable Refresh Rate has been enabled for 1440 with which the mode will be expanded. This will add smoother visual performance. More HDMI devices and modes will now support 1440p.

The voice command support is being improved by Sony and the owners of PS5 residing in the US and UK can now use the phrase “Hey PlayStation, capture that!” to save their gameplay clip.

The social aspects such as part chats and screen sharing features are in the improvement process by Sony. A new “friends who play” tile is appearing now, which will help you to see the friends that are currently playing.

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Sony is also working to ease out the data accessing and transfer process so that players can load and transfer their saved data from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 and also the users can now easily transfer games and data between different PS5 consoles using a LAN connection or a local Wi-fi.

Source: Playstation Blog

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