Sony has Announced PlayStation State of Play Event for 13th April

Sony has announced PlayStation State of Play Event for 13th April. This will focus on highly-anticipated triple-A blockbusters. The PlayStation events offer exclusive looks at upcoming titles. PlayStation’s State of Play event is considered a popular way of creating excitement for the upcoming games in PlayStation 5.

Sony has Announced PlayStation State of Play Event for 13th April

The last PlayStation State of Play event was held on 23rd February. It showcased a variety of games and indie titles for the newly released PlayStation VR2 headset at that time. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was the most important game of February’s PlayStation State of Play. Rocksteady, the developer of the game showed 15 minutes of gameplay at the event.

According to the information revealed during the live stream has disappointed the players because Suicide Squad has been again delayed. Now Sony has Announced PlayStation State of Play Event for 13th April this week.

An article on the official website of PlayStation and a post on the official Twitter handle of PlayStation has informed that the State of Play Event will be held on Thursday 13th April. Final Fantasy 16 is the only confirmed game that will be shown at the upcoming event. The developers of the game have promised 20-minute gameplay footage of Final Fantasy 16.

Fans are waiting for Final Fantasy 16 for a very long time because the developers have promised that this instalment is going to be grainy and the darkest entry to date. The game also made up to the gold games list last week. On June 22 the game will be launched as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Developer Square Enix has been revealing the gameplay recently by putting forward footage that covered a fight between Massive Titan and a boss. It can be said that Players will not have to wait much for Final Fantasy 16. This game is going to be the centre of attraction for the upcoming State of Play event.

There is a possibility of other surprises that the event might hold and all those who are very excited about looking at the future of PlayStation should tune in Thursday.

Source: Playstation Tweet

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