Social Media App Artifact by Instagram Co-founders

The Co-founders of the global sensation Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, are back with a new project (Hint: it involves AI). In the digital era, one of the things that we still consume traditionally is news. Kevin and Mike plan to change that with their new app that will offer a new and customized way for you to get the news with their latest venture, Artifact. This social media app Artifact by Instagram Co-founders was revealed in a minimalistic fashion by making a tweet about it with a link to the Artifact website.

Social Media App Artifact by Instagram Co-founders

Kevin Systrom stated “It’s been a minute, but @mikeyk and I are back at it with Artifact – a personalized news feed using the latest ai tech. Visit to sign up and join the community.”

Kevin Systrom Instagram Co-founder's tweet

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The app is dubbed a social media for news and TikTok for Text. It is considered similar to Google Reader (Google Reader was shut down by Google in 2013) and TouTiao, an app by TikTok’s parent company. Because of its text-based format, Artifact is also considered a direct competitor to Twitter. What makes it unique are its features –

  • It uses Artificial Intelligence to create a personalized news feed just for you.
  • The app uses Machine Learning to understand your interests and curate articles according to your taste.
  • It will contain articles from popular publishers like The New York Times and other small publishers and niche topics.
  • Some of its beta features that are still in testing include a feed showing articles by users you follow with their commentary on it.
  • The other beta feature in testing is similar to Instagram DMs, which lets you discuss the articles with your friends.

Kevin and Mike started Instagram in 2010. In April 2012, they sold Instagram to Facebook (now Meta) for 1 billion dollars. But the Co-founders departed from Facebook in 2018. Before Instagram, they created Burbn, an app that allowed users to check into places, post pictures, earn points for hanging out with friends, and make plans (future check-ins). But Burbn was too complicated, and it led Kevin and Mike to focus on one feature: sharing pictures, thus Instagram was made. Now, they are back with the social media app Artifact by Instagram Co-founders. The name itself merges articles, facts, and artificial intelligence.

How to Join the Waitlist?

Currently, Artifact is in the private beta stage. To get Early Access, you will have to join the waitlist by following below given steps:

1. Visit the Artifact webpage.

2. Click on the box which has Enter Phone Number written inside.

3. Enter your Country Code and Phone Number.

4. Now, click on Join the Waitlist.

Artifact Waitlist Confirmation | Social Media App Artifact by Instagram Co-founders

When you finally get off the waitlist, you will receive a personal invite link inviting you to the app.

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