Snapchat Rolls Out My AI Snaps Feature Exclusively for Paid Subscribers

Snapchat’s vibrant community, which generates over 55,000 Snaps per second on average, utilizes Snapping as a means of staying connected with friends and family. Now, Snapchat+ subscribers can further enrich their conversations, as Snapchat rolls out the My AI Snaps feature exclusively for paid subscribers. This innovative feature will be exclusively available to Snapchat+ subscribers, offering them an enhanced and interactive experience within the app.

Snapchat Rolls Out My AI Snaps Feature Exclusively for Paid Subscribers

The announcement comes after a preview of the My AI feature at last month’s Snap Partner Summit, where it was revealed that the My AI chatbot itself would be accessible to all users for free. However, the release date for the generative AI feature was not disclosed at the time, leaving users eager for its arrival.

Preview of My AI and AI-Infused Updates

Before the introduction of My AI Snaps, Snap introduced several AI-infused updates to the Snapchat app. These updates included the ability to incorporate the My AI chatbot into group chats with friends, where it can be summoned with an @ mention. Additionally, users can now leverage AI for place recommendations and Lens suggestions. The My AI chatbot was also recently updated to provide text-based replies to users’ Snaps.

Elevating the Snapchat+ Experience

Now, with the introduction of the paid subscription service Snapchat+, subscribers can take their interactions with My AI to the next level. By sending Snaps of their activities, users will receive unique generative Snaps in return, creating an engaging and dynamic conversation experience.

While the initial demonstrations by Snap CEO Evan Spiegel focused on entertainment purposes, such as exchanging funny dog photos or receiving recipe suggestions based on a photo of vegetables from one’s garden, the potential for practical applications also exists. The recipe suggestions feature holds promise, although it remains to be seen how effectively the AI will handle images of users’ latest grocery hauls, as described by Snap.

Enhancing the User Experience and Future Expectations

Since its initial launch, My AI has proven to be a creative tool for users to explore and learn more about various subjects, ranging from movies and sports to video games and fashion. By incorporating the new My AI Snaps feature, Snapchat aims to amplify the interactive capabilities of the platform, allowing users to engage with My AI on a deeper level and receive tailored responses based on the content they share.

It is worth noting that all messages shared with My AI will be stored and may be used to enhance the product experience. While efforts have been made to prevent biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading information, occasional mistakes may occur. Therefore, it is advised not to rely solely on My AI for advice and to provide feedback to Snapchat regarding any concerns or issues.

Snapchat is eager to hear about users’ experiences with My AI Snaps and is committed to continuously improving the feature to ensure user satisfaction. With the rollout of this exclusive generative AI feature, Snapchat+ subscribers can look forward to an even more immersive and interactive Snapchat experience.

Source: Snap Newsroom

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