Snapchat Adds New Parental Controls and Content Guidelines to Block Sensitive Content

Snapchat Adds New Parental Controls and Content Guidelines to Block Sensitive Content

Snapchat, one of the most loved social media application has come up with new parental controls. This comes an year after it launched the parental controls feature or Family Center on its app. The moto behind these features is for parents and guardians to gain insights into the activities of their children but still providing teens with enough privacy.

Snapchat Adds New Parental Controls and Content Guidelines to Block Sensitive Content

The recent announcement deals with the addition of Content Controls that will “allow parents to limit the type of content their teens can watch on Snapchat.” This is done in sense that parents be able to block sensitive content on their kids’ phone by activating the new feature.

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This sensitive content can be in two forms: (1) Through Stories, which is a content platform where content creators and media partners provide trusted content and (2) Spotlight, which is a entertainment platform which can be uses by the snapchat community to watch fun content.

Snapchat new Content Controls in Family Center will “allow parents to filter out Stories from publishers or creators that may have been identified as sensitive or suggestive.” The company has for long had community Guidelines but for the first time it has come up with Content Guidelines for community members which includes content prohibited by the Community Guidelines that prohibits sexual content, harassment and bullying, disturbing or violent content, false or deceptive information, illegal or regulated websites, hateful content, terrorism, and violent extremism.

Now there have been some changes to these community guidelines too specify what content under various categories will be considered sensitive. Now the “Content that is “not eligible for recommendation” will only be shown to Snapchatters who proactively chose to follow that content’s creator. “Sensitive” content is eligible for recommendation, but we may decline to promote it to certain Snapchatters based on their age, location, or personal preferences.”

Snapchat new guidelines also gave some examples as in case of Disturbing or Violent Content “sensitive” content will also include, “Discussion of self-harm, including eating disorders.” and “Tattoo needles, piercings in progress, or other body modifications.” On top of that are banned are visuals of species that trigger phobias like “spider, insects, or snakes”.

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The new content guidelines say Snapchat will help guardians, parents, and caregivers as well as teens to have productive conversations. Moreover, the company is working on adding additional tools to the Family Center that will be used with My AI, the experimental chatbot of Snapchat which is said to provide guardians with more visibility and control over teens’ usage of this chatbot.

Source: Snapchat Blog

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