ServiceNow and Hugging Face Release StarCoder: Strongest Performing LLM for Code Generation

The leading workflow company ServiceNow in collaboration with Hugging Face announced the release of StarCoder for code generation. The companies claim it to be the “strongest performing and most responsibly developed” open-access large language model.

ServiceNow and Hugging Face Release StarCoder: Strongest Performing LLM for Code Generation

StarCoder LLM is a 15 billion parameter open-access large language model with open-access, open-science, and open-governance principles. It seeks to promote responsible innovation by making generative AI technology transparent and accessible.

The project aims to bring all the developers to the same playing field by providing the best generative AI resources and getting the maximum benefit for the business impact of automation with proper safety, governance, and compliance procedures. The latest release marks a major milestone in ServiceNow and Hugging Face’s BigCode Project.

Harm de Vries, lead of LLM Lab at ServiceNow Research and co‑lead of BigCode said, “ServiceNow’s collaboration with Hugging Face expands our longstanding commitment to AI excellence.” He further added, “New, responsible AI practices to train and share large language models are vital to ensuring the right protocols, safeguards, and permissive licenses are in place for our customers, and StarCoder is making this possible.”

The Machine Learning Engineer at Hugging Face, Leandro von Werra also seemed hopeful about the new release, and stated, “The joint efforts led by Hugging Face and ServiceNow enable the release of powerful base models that empower the community to build a wide range of applications more efficiently than a single company could come up with.”

StarCoder gives power to software programmers to take the most challenging coding projects and accelerate AI innovations. The Large Language Model will be released on the Hugging Face platform Code Open RAIL‑M license with open access for royalty-free distribution. This comes after Amazon launched AI Powered coding companion CodeWhisperer.

The license source code covers a trillion tokens and more than 80 programming languages from BigCode’s v1.2 dataset. Programmers can deploy StarCoder to introduce pair-programming like generative AI to applications with capabilities like text-to-code and text-to-workflow. BigCode releases the LLM with a responsible AI model license, which includes use case restrictions that are applied to modify the model. Supporting code has already been provided as open source on GitHub.

The project was first launched by ServiceNow Research and Hugging Face in September 2022. With the latest release of StarCoder from ServiceNow and Hugging Face, a better coding resource is now available for all coding professionals.

Source: ServiceNow Blog

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