Samsung Bixby Will Clone Your Voice to Answer Calls

Samsung seems to be treading the right path to keep surprising its users and make them live the dream of what a dream phone should be like, especially with the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. But let’s keep this straight. Did you dream about the possibility that Samsung’s Bixby will clone your voice to answer calls?

Samsung Bixby Will Clone Your Voice to Answer Calls

Takeaways from the article:

  • Samsung is set to roll out soon a feature to its Bixby Text Call service.
  • Users will be able to answer calls in their own voice by typing the message.
  • Feature presently limited to Korea only.
  • Update pushed to Samsung S23 Ultra, Samsung S23+, and Samsung S23.

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Bixby Text Calling was introduced alongside One UI 5.0 at the developer conference in 2022 and now has become official with the Galaxy S23 series and One UI 5.1. The Bixby Text Calling feature lets a user answer calls by typing a message with the option on the call screen itself. In clarified terms, you can receive a call and instead of speaking directly to the person on the other side, you will be able to type a text message. This text message will be processed by Bixby using AI and converted into a voice message dictated to the person on the other side of the call.

Nonetheless, Samsung AI-based virtual assistant fed in all Samsung smartphones is all set to receive an update to its text-to-speech functionality that channelizes not only assistance but also apprehension and angst among users and non-users.

Samsung announced that beyond the update, users will be able to record different sentences for Bixby to analyze. This will create an identical voice copy created by artificial intelligence with nearly the same modulation as the original. As a result, users will still be able to answer calls when they normally would not be in a position to.

Currently, Bixby’s voice cloning feature is only available in Korea via the Bixby Custom Voice Generator app for the Samsung S23 series. As we read initially, answering a voice call through text message is not a new concept for Samsung, but at this point in time, English-speaking nations around the world, i.e., people who communicate in English, will be able to use Bixby Text Calling, but with a computer-generated voice rather than their own. In the future, Samsung seems to be planning to expand this feature to more languages and other Samsung applications, and obviously to more countries.

As mentioned in Samsung Newsroom, “When Samsung first launched Bixby as a voice assistant, it was part of a vision to create a human-to-machine interface that makes life easier and can advance over time with Samsung Galaxy innovation,” said YoungJip Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Artificial Intelligence Team in Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics. “Today, we introduce updates to build a more intelligent interface that is proactive and adaptive, giving people greater control over their mobile experience.

To remind our readers that Google already offers a Call Screen service that allows users to respond to potential spam calls using an automated voice but default generic responses. When talking about smart and virtual assistants, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant have always been the most favorable and loved ones. While Bixby never gained the heights of popularity as a voice assistant, Samsung appears to leave no stone unturned in making the smart assistant smarter in the past few months and in the upcoming months and years.

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A simulated voice response session that responds to calls via text may seem practical in multiple scenarios. However, it is concerning to consider what the advent implications and unrealized consequences could be of using an AI-created voice replica.

In our view, technological improvements at both the hardware and software levels are meant to be used responsibly. Therefore, let us see where this enhanced AI intelligence leads. However, no matter what we await to experience Samsung’s Bixby will clone your voice feature. Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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