Russian Game Developer Bans 6700 Cheaters

Online video gaming, regardless of the device used, has developed into an entertainment and battle platform that has become a desirable source of revenue and dignified competition over the past few years. Now that millions of gamers play and stream and a source of income is involved, undesirable consequences have turned inevitable in the form of cheating. To control this damage, game developers and publishers choose to put a ban on those who cheat. Taking the same into consideration, Battlestate Games, the Russian game developer bans 6700 cheaters from its game Escape from Tarkov.

Russian Game Developer Bans 6700 Cheaters

Takeaway from the news:

  • Battlestate games banned around 6700 cheaters from playing Escape from Tarkov.
  • Two rounds of the ban in a week.
  • The names and official handles of banned players are now publicly available in a spreadsheet.

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The first-person shooter game, Escape from Tarkov adds an unforeseen twist where the publishers and developers of the game have decided to reveal and shame the names of the players who embrace the act of cheating in their game. As said by Battlestate Games, last week, they banned 6700 cheaters and published their names on a publicly available spreadsheet.

On Feb 27 2023, Escape from Tarkov took its official Twitter handle to tweet, “We have decided to resume the practice of sharing the information about large ban waves done with the support of BattleEye anticheat. Throughout the weekend over 4,000 cheaters were banned in Escape from Tarkov.”

On March 5 2023, Escape from Tarkov released a new list of banned users.  Google spreadsheets containing lists of banned users were also shared by the developers on their official Twitter account on both occasions. You can find these user names on spreadsheet shared on 27 February 2023 and spreadsheet shared on 5 March 2023.

On the one hand, where game publishers like Activision for their game Call of Duty and Vanguard just announced the number of players they banned and developers Riot Games for Valorant announced their measures, Battlestate Games seems to take the serious approach of shaming and announcing the nicknames and official game handles of the players publicly.

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Game etiquette does not encourage players to enjoy cheating as a cup of tea and frightens the game’s entertainment factor into seriousness. Execution of strategies is acceptable, but resorting to deceitful tactics to steal a win from others through a con is not.

Emphasizing the importance of maintaining fair play, it remains to be seen whether this approach does any benefit to the game and proves its efficiency, or if the tables turn upside down for the developers themselves and they would have to face unexpected consequences. After the Russian game developer bans 6700 cheaters, only time will tell where the gaming industry leads its enthusiasts to. In the comments box below, let us know your opinions about this act by the Battlestate Games to curb and demoralize cheating.

Source: Escape from Tarkov Official Tweet

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