Roblox Brookhaven Codes for Music

If you are an ardent gamer and a person with a good sense of music, you might be aware of one of the Roblox Brookhaven games. It is a general practice for people to listen to music while doing their work or other activities. For this purpose, Brookhaven codes for music are utilized to alter the background music of the game. These codes are like freebies for enjoying the offer and help in imbibing the music to the game. Brookhaven song codes or Brookhaven Roblox music codes help in finding the apt music for the game and game experience compared to the conventional method of playing the game with no music. Read the article to find the list of Roblox Brookhaven RP music ID codes and to utilize them to avail of the benefit.

Roblox Brookhaven Codes for Music

Roblox Brookhaven Codes for Music

Here, we have shown the list of Roblox Brookhaven codes for music in detail.

What is Roblox Brookhaven Codes Game?

Roblox is a platform that supports programming games and allows the users to gain the advantage of creating games of their genre. Among the numerous games listed in the massive library, is the Roblox Brookhaven Music Codes game, which became popular in September 2020. This game was created by Aidanleewolf and designed, scripted, and modeled by Wolfpaq.

It is a role-playing game, in which, the players can own houses and cars, and spend time with like-minded people using various modes of entertainment inclusive of music. The notable feature of the game is that there are no missions or major objectives to be accomplished. Brookhaven codes for music can be used to get access to various benefits, such as enhancing the RP experience in-game, of the Brookhaven Roblox game. The benefit of using the music ID code is to replace the built-in game music player with the specific song chosen. These soundtracks include a few hits and a few more niche selections. The major advantage of using the music code is that they do not get refreshed every month like codes of other Roblox games. It has to be noted that these music codes do not influence enhancing the gameplay.

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List of Roblox Brookhaven RP Music ID Codes

The list of Brookhaven song codes that can be utilized in the game is listed below. Please note that some of the codes may have expired or been outdated in the current state, however, most of the codes stay active most time.

Note: Brookhaven codes for music listed below are taken from various online sources and other online blogs.

Music ID Code Song Artist
1321038120 Ocean Eyes Billie Eilish
1725273277 Chanel Frank Ocean
186317099 Life Goes On 2Pac
1894066752 Fake Love BTS
225150067 Suga Suga Baby Bash ft. Frankie J
249672730 On My Way Illijah
5145539495 What’s Love Got to Do With It Tina Turner
521116871 Say So Doja Cat
5253604010 Capone Oh No
5315279926 Bad Child Tones and I
5595658625 Overwhelmed Royal & the Serpent
5760198930 Sofia Clario
5937000690 Chika Chika Chikatto
6159978466 You Belong With Me Taylor Swift
6177409271 Paparazzi Kim Dracula
6403599974 Telepatia Kali Uchis
6463211475 Jalebi Baby Tesher
6606223785 Levitating Dua Lipa
748726200 No Limit Casi
1259050178 A Roblox Rap/ Merry Christmas Roblox  
6957372976 Bad Bunny Yonaguni
1845016505 Believer  
6843558868 Butter BTS
189105508 Let It Go Frozen
6432181830 Heat Waves Glass Animals
1243143051 Jingle Oof (Jingle Bells Parody)  
224845627 The Kitty Cat Dance  
6620108916 Call Me By Your Name Lil Nas X
143666548 Mii Channel Music  
6447077697 Pain PinkPantheress
3400778682 Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym theme  
6678031214 RAPSTAR Polo G
6887728970 Tode De Ti Rauw Alejandro
292861322 Drop It Like It’s Hot Snoop Dogg
6794553622 Syko Brooklyn Blood Pop  
154664102 You’ve Been Trolled  
7081437616 Industry Baby Lil Nas X ft Jack Harlow
6657083880 Kiss Me More Doja Cat ft SZA
5925841720 California Love 2Pac ft Dr.Dre
160442087 Skeletons Spooky scary
4591688095 Yummy Justin Bieber
614018503 Baby Shark  

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How to Redeem Brookhaven Codes

The section provides the method to redeem Brookhaven codes for music and avail of the benefits.

1. Launch the Brookhaven RP game in the Roblox app and click on the Play button.

click on play button

2. Click on the Shop icon as highlighted in the pic below.

select the cart in Brookhaven roblox game

3. Click on the Menu and click on the Music section.

Note: You should possess 199 Robux points to unlock all the music and songs to access the section. This helps in accessing Brookhaven Roblox music codes and it allows you to play the music in your car or at home in the game.

select music speaker icon

4. Click on the dropout box.

5. Click on the buy now option.

Note: If you do not find this option, then click on the cart button at the bottom.

6. Enter or paste the code on the Roblox ID field of the redemption area.

Note: The Brookhaven codes help in bypassing the need to spend money or Robux points.

7. Submit the code and you can automatically use the benefit of the code.

Social Media Channels for New Codes

If you would like to receive timely updates from the official channels, you can check out the various Brookhaven Social Media Channels given here. The new Roblox Brookhaven RP music ID codes are announced on these channels from time to time. You can check the page regularly to find out if the codes can be utilized.

  • Twitter: @WolfpaqGames
  • Discord: Wolfpaq Games

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the subscription cost of Roblox?

Ans. It is completely free to use the play platform of the Roblox service. To enhance the game level, you can purchase the virtual currency, Robux in the game.

Q2. What are Music Codes in Brookhaven?

Ans. Brookhaven Music ID Codes correspond to the specific code that helps in altering the background music of the game while performing any activity.


The article provides detailed information on Brookhaven codes for music. Kindly spare a few minutes to share your suggestions and queries in the comments section. In addition to this, please let us know which of these Brookhaven song codes was effective in enhancing the game experience.

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