Resident Evil 4 Remake New Demo Now Available

Resident Evil 4 remake’s New Demo is Available

Resident Evil 4 remake’s new demo is available, it has been titled Chainsaw Demo. Fans waited for this for a long time and now it is available on all gaming platforms. A lot of things were announced through the videos that showed what the game would be like.

Resident Evil 4 remake New Demo is Available

The last video announcement of Resident Evil 4 remake gave a hint that a Special Demo will be hitting the markets soon. Since then, the fans were waiting for the release of this demo but the wait is now over.

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Capcom is famous for releasing the demos of Resident Evil games and the demo of Resident Evil 7 was the most famous one which came out as the release date came closer, it was titled Beginning Hour. Later on, Capcom released demos for other games in the series. These games were available for a limited time and restrictions were put on the gameplay.

The restrictions were not appreciated by the fans and after a major backlash, Capcom decided not to go for this restrictive method for upcoming demos like the Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo.

Capcom, during its latest Capcom Spotlight, released the demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake. The demo is available for all gaming platforms. The Chainsaw Demo contains scenes that might appear familiar to the players such as the fight scene in the main village when Leon Kennedy and the chainsaw man enemy encountered for the first time.

In the video announcement, we can also see newer mechanics that will be available for the players like knife parries. The trailer has revealed that the demo is not going to have a playtime limit thus allowing the players to play and enjoy the demo limitlessly.

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Although the Resident Evil 4 remake’s new demo is available no information has been given for the duration of this availability, so it can be assumed that the demo will be playable until the official release of the game. Capcom already released a mini prequel for the Resident Evil 4 remake in ARG form and this demo allowed the players to experience the new and improved remake of the game before the release.

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