Release Date for Goodbye Volcano High is Confirmed

The release date for goodbye volcano high is confirmed by developer KO_OP which is a narrative adventure game. 15th June is the release date for Goodbye Volcano High and it is also among the upcoming titles that will appear at the recent PlayStation State of Play event. Players don’t have to wait much before this game releases on PlayStation and PC consoles.

Release Date for Goodbye Volcano High is confirmed

In June 2020 a short trailer of Goodbye Volcano High was revealed by the developer. Goodbye Volcano High is set in world full of Anthropomorphic dinosaurs. The name of main character is Fang who is in his teenage and a he’s also a musician.

Fang and their friends have only one chance to find connection and love because their world is going to face massive destruction due to an oncoming meteor. The developer earlier planned to release the game in 2021 or 2022 but the release faced major delays due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the studio’s decision to engage. Now release date for goodbye volcano high is confirmed and the game is set to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Indie studio announced the date in the trailer for Goodbye Volcano High that premiered during Sony’s live stream State of Play showcase. The trailer also showed the gameplay to the players combining the rhythm game mechanics with traditional visual novels. This is an interesting way to blend different genres.

Goodbye Volcano High - Story Trailer

The players also enjoyed the original soundtrack of the game which is considered important as it plays an important role in the narrative and in the main gameplay. The hand-drawn animation of the game was shown off in the trailer which has been compared to a playable cartoon by the Developer KO_OP.

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Although the game revolves around an animated world that is populated by talking dinosaurs but Goodbye Volcano High is not for kids because according to its developer, the game has touched mature and serious themes such as drugs, alcohol consumption, death, and sexuality. The game will be appealing to the players who enjoyed the series Don’t Nod’s Life is Strange.

It can be considered a rhythm and adventure game that the fans will look forward to this summer.

Source: KO_OP Youtube Channel

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