Release Date for Castlevania DLC Confirmed by Dead Cells

Release date for Castlevania DLC confirmed by Dead Cells. Last year the crossover with the Konami series was announced. It is a major and latest piece of DLC for Dead Cells and this is not the last one. As announced on Nintendo direct it will drop on 6th March. Dead Cells was released in 2018 for the first time and it quickly became one of the biggest independent video games. During its release, the game sold over 5 million copies globally and was praised by critics as well. Thereafter a lot of pieces of DLC were released.

Release date for Castlevania DLC confirmed by Dead Cells

In 2022 Dead Cells released a roadmap that clearly indicated that the game was not going away anywhere soon. It was officially revealed last year that Dead Cells will cross over with the Castlevania franchise. In January a teaser trailer for DLC was released, which was titled Return to Castlevania, the teaser trailer gave the players a taste of what was about to come. During a recent Nintendo Direct, the release date and a new trailer were unveiled for DLC. In the trailer, we can see a lot of tributes to the original franchise. Music and level designs too appeared from the series’ classic installments.

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The Castlevania series is the oldest existing video game franchise. In 1986, Castlevania’s first installment hit the Nintendo Entertainment System which spawned many tributes, sequels, and spinoffs. In 2021 the company released its latest franchise called Castlevania: Advanced Collection. The developers released almost three major pieces of DLC since the original release of Dead Cells and the three pieces continued the storyline of the game. After release date for Castlevania DLC confirmed by Dead Cells, it is expected that Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania will be twice big as the previous DLCs. Whether DLC will manage to capture the feel of the classic games or not, still remains a question.

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