Quora Poe Launches Subscriptions for Users to Access GPT-4 Bot

Quora Poe Launches Subscriptions for Users to Access GPT-4 Bot

GPT 4 was launched yesterday and today Quora CEO has announced that it will provide access to users to interact with the chatbot powered by the newly launched GPT-4. This paid plan just not only concerns OpenAI GPT-4 but also its competitor Anthropic that launched its own AI model named Claude yesterday.

Quora Poe Launches Subscriptions for Users to Access GPT-4 Bot

But this subscription is only available for to iOS and Apple Silicon (M1/M2 chip) Mac users of Poe immediately at a cost of $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year. Quora’s CEO Adam D’Angelo said in a Twitter thread, “We are working hard to enable web users of Poe who do not have access to any iOS device to subscribe as soon as possible.”

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He also gave some information about these bots for users to understand what they can do using these bots.

GPT-4: “It is particularly strong at creative writing, problem solving, and instruction following.”

Claude+: “Claude+ is significantly better than Claude, especially in non-English languages. In English, it generates more in-depth answers than Claude as well.”

All the Poe users will initially be getting the ability to send one free one free message per day to both GPT-4 and Claude+. Other than these two all the other bots are free for unlimited usage. Also when other developers add their bots to Poe in future, they will by default be free and accessible to everyone by until developers choose to limit access from non-subscribers.

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These paid subscription plans are available for worldwide access but the company is still working its best to expand the reach of Poe.

Source: Adam D’Angelo Tweet

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