Pokemon Releasing Pikachu Shaped Lamp

Pokemon Releasing Pikachu Shaped Lamp

Pokemon company is partnering with a toy brand named Takara Tomy to produce cute Pikachu-shaped lamp. With Pokemon releasing Pikachu shaped lamp it is being considered a part of the recently concluding Pokemon Day. The revelation has been made by the Pokemon company for the fans who love the famous creature from the Pokemon series.

Pokemon Releasing Pikachu Shaped Lamp

The Pikachu lamp can be useful household item that the fans will find it interesting to display it in their homes or office spaces. A lot of announcements were made on the Pokemon day. The Pokemon company has easily sustained the hype among the fans by delivering exciting news. Revelations were mainly about the current title’s DLC, update in the ongoing games, and some more interesting news about Pokemon TCG.

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As Pokemon is releasing Pikachu shaped lamp, the fans are very excited to see the Pokemon-themed merchandise that can be purchased by them. And if the merchandise is representing it is related to famous Pokemon creatures then it’ll be more fun.

The Pokemon Company on their Twitter handle announced the partnership with Takara Tomy. The main focus of the partnership will be the Pikachu-Shaped lamp that has been made up of a soft material that will allow the fans to squish it upon touch. The brightness of the lamp light can be adjusted by tapping on it and it can be easily turned on and off thereby making it a cute as well as functional addition to the living space of Pokemon fans.

The fans can order the lamp from the official online store of Takara Tomy. It has been priced at 3300 Yen that is roughly $25. The product will be delivered around 22nd April 2023. Since the Pikachu-shaped lamp is a battery-operated device, the fans have to purchase the battery separately. The lamp is a part of the Pokemon Peaceful Place product range, one can find Nyasper, Pichu, Piplup, Rowlet, and other pocket creatures in this range as well.

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A lot of merchandise and products are already there in the themed collection but the only barrier with these products are that the entire supply chain is located in Japan. The Global fanbase of Pokemon suffers as it becomes very difficult for the fans to add the new merchandise, like Pikachu-shaped lamp, in their collections. The fans can only hope that the Pokemon Company will release the products globally so that the global fanbase can get easy access to these themed items.

Source: Pokemon Official Twitter

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