Pokémon Go Players are Selling their Accounts on eBay After Changes to Raids

Pokémon Go players are selling their accounts on eBay after changes to Raids. This is in relation to Niantic’s latest change to how Raids work on Pokémon Go. The new changes were announced by Niantic on March 30, 2023. According to the new changes trainers will be able to participate in a maximum of five Remote Raids per day but this maximum may change and increase for special events.

Pokémon Go Players are Selling their Accounts on eBay After Changes to Raids

Other changes made in the new update includes the increase in price of Remote Raid Pass three-pack to 525 PokéCoins and of single Remote Raid to 195 PokéCoins. Also, there will be an addition of Premium Battle Pass three-pack to the shop for the price of 250 PokéCoins.

Pokémon Go gained a high level of popularity in 2016 providing many players with nostalgia of their early experience with watching Pokémon in the 90s. In particular, the gaming experience that superimposes animated Pokémon characters over the actual environment has caught the attention of young people.

Although the change in the raids was much anticipated but still it affected a lot of players. This led to players selling their Pokémon Go accounts on eBay which they think is a good way of leaving the game and being profitable at the same time.

Buyers will see a few high-level accounts posted since March 30 when they type “Pokemon Go Account” into eBay search bar. Other than this there are other keywords that you may use to find these accounts including “Pokemon GO acc”. Moreover, players can locate various accounts that have recently been advertised for sale by choosing the option “Time: newly listed.”

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Players are urging one another to delete the game and give it a negative rating in their device’s app store in addition to selling their accounts on eBay and encouraging others to do the same.

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