Pokemon Fan Recreated Kanto Region in Minecraft

A Pokemon Fan recreated Kanto Region in Minecraft as a way to pay tribute to Pokemon Franchise. Kanto region that has been recreated in Minecraft is a special region because it has been home to some iconic characters from the Pokemon Franchise like Professor Oak. It was also the primary setting for the initial generation of games of the franchise.

Pokemon Fan Recreated Kanto Region in Minecraft

In Minecraft, designing massive fortress from pesky skeletons can be a very satisfying experience. Wildly inventive tributes can be given by using the block-based building title. Players have found a bunch of ways to pay tribute to their favourite franchises. Over time Minecraft has witnessed some sprawling cityscapes that are inspired by The Elder Scrolls:5 Skyrim and a lot of full-featured Dooms. The Pokemon tributes in Minecraft are the common theme builds that gives no surprise to anyone because Nintedo and Game Freak franchise have already achieved massive popularity worldwide.

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Redditor ruotm0, in a new post on r/Minecraft subreddit gave the Minecraft fans a quick sneak peek into the remake of Kanto Region. The video clip shows the work-in-progress of the Kanto Region from Pokemon, the flyover view showcases the detailed recreation of the Kanto Region. It also features a mixture of cities, villages and some wilderness areas as well. The aerial perspective is helping in exploring the recreated Kanto region with ease. Redditor ruotm0 has dived to the ground level at a point to show the detailed cave because it is a well-known fact that natural features and buildings are nothing more than just some empty shells.

Video clip by ruotm0

Recently fans were reported to have built a phenomenal Water Dam as well as Resident Evil Dimitrescu Castle in Minecraft. Pokemon Fan Recreated Kanto Region in Minecraft is another great example of the creativity of Minecraft players. It will be a nostalgic rush for the players who saw the original Pokemon game map, while them may watch out for the Enderman attacks when they revisit their favourite landmarks.

Source: Reddit

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