Patch 4.02 Released by The Witcher 3

Patch 4.02 Released by The Witcher 3

Patch 4.02 released by The Witcher 3. CD Project Red announced The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt update 4.02. The update is out after three months of the next-gen update release date. The developer has attempted to smoothen the issues that still exist in the game.

Patch 4.02 Released by The Witcher 3

On the next-gen update of the PC version of The Witcher 3, players suffered technical issues, but it was received well by the gaming community. The update was responsible for bringing a massive visual upgrade to the beloved game of all time. Also, The Witcher TV series surged interest in the franchise as well. CD Projekt Red has added a lot of new surprises for the fans of The Witcher 3.

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Patch 4.02 released by The Witcher 3 on their official website and it comprises a variety of small fixes. The next-gen update caused performance issues and this update contains PC-specific fixes that will resolve the issues. Ray-tracing addition has been a big problem for a lot of players. Real-time ray tracing is a new technical concept for developers and it can be easily optimized as the developers become more familiar with its working.

4.01 is a small update that is going to be rolled out across all platforms and players are excited to see the effectiveness of the fixes that this update is offering. Players still don’t know how long The Witcher 3 will be supported by CD Projekt Red. The game has turned eight years old and it continues to receive updates of different sizes. The developer has also supported Cyberpunk 2077 continuously.

Below is the list of notable changes that will arrive in this update

PC-Specific changes

  • In the DX12 version, the core utilization of the CPU has been improved.
  • The horizon-based ambient occlusion has been restored and the players who turned off the Ambient Occlusion previously will have to do it again. To find it go to Options>Video>Graphics.
  • the issue where the “My Rewards” section was not localized in REDlauncher has been fixed.
  • When NVIDIA HairWorks was disabled, the players faced a flickering landscape issue in Toussaint which has now been fixed.
  • The particle optimization caused an issue of temporary stuttering that has now been fixed.

Console-Specific changes

  • On next-gen consoles, the performance mode has been improved.
  • The issue on PlayStation 5 where the characters became blurry during cutscenes and dialogues has been fixed.
  • The memory usage-related issue in the Ray Tracing mode has been fixed. The issue could result in crashes in the Series X of the Xbox.
  • The game will not crash now even if Geralt runs away from Shani after the conversation starts even on the next-gen consoles.
  • The issue where, even after using cross progression on Xbox One, the quicksaves were not loading has been fixed.
  • On previous-gen consoles, two Top notch swords that were missing have been added now.
  • The issue related to overwriting manual saves has been fixed which earlier deleted the oldest gamesave on PlayStation 5.
  • The performance issue that occurred in Beauclair and Novigrad after loading a gamesave has been addressed.

Visual-PC and Next-Gen Exclusive

  • Refraction has been added to SSR and ray-traced reflections that are responsible for improved immersion of water appearance.
  • The issue where black artifacts covered stone arches has now been fixed.
  • A newly added Motion Blur Slide could be found in Option>Video>Graphics.

Quests and Gameplay changes will be available on all the platforms

  • Battle Preparations- the lack of dialogue option that would progress the quest has been fixed.
  • Reason of State- The issue related to the door to the warehouse being locked permanently has been fixed. It usually happened when the player knocked, entered, and left the building immediately.
  • Scavenger Hunt: The issue where the quests remained active even after the loot of the diagrams has been fixed.
  • The players face an issue when they tried to start a New Game+ on incompatible save. The player got blocked from starting the standalone mode expansions until the game was restarted again. This issue has been fixed now.

Localization changes- Available on all the platforms

  • The issue related to the Korean Localization of card descriptions of Geralt and Ciri has now been fixed.
  • The issue of punctuation in the Arabic localization has now been fixed.
  • Chinese Traditional font has now been updated.

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The developer, CD Projekt Red confirmed that the next installment of the game is The Witcher 4. It is still a question of how the company is managing its resources so that every project receives an equal amount of attention. The Witcher 3 will receive updates for some time because the release of The Witcher 4 has a long way to go.

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