Parts of Twitter Source Code were Leaked Online

Parts of Twitter source code were leaked online recently, which are an essential part of Twitter operations, and were leaked on GitHub months ago in a rare exposure of the intellectual property. The New York Times shared the news via a tweet. Twitter also immediately took steps to take down the leaked codes from GitHub where it was posted.

Parts of Twitter Source Code were Leaked Online

Twitter also sent a copyright infringement notice and codes were taken down from the platform. As of now, it is not clear how long the codes were live on the site, however, it appears to have been public for several months. and wrote, “Parts of Twitter’s source code, the underlying computer code on which the social network runs, were leaked — a rare and major exposure of intellectual property as the company struggles to reduce technical issues and reverse its fortunes under Elon Musk.”

The company also moved to U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California to order GitHub to identify individuals who shared the leaked codes online, it also asked to identify individuals who downloaded the code from the site. Twitter also launched an internal investigation into the leaks and executives handling the code. It was revealed that the person responsible for the Tweet left the company last year.

Twitter executives were made aware of source code leaks recently. The team handling the internal investigation has concerns that the code includes security vulnerabilities that could give online hackers or others the means to extract user data or take down the Twitter site.

The leaks have come at a time when the company has been struggling financially and have made multiple revisions to its user policies. After parts of Twitter source code were leaked online the CEO Elon Musk informed employees in an email shared by the Ney York Times that Twitter was worth roughly $20 billion, which is 50% less than what he paid for it. He said “radical changes” at the company, including mass layoffs and cost cutting, were necessary to avoid bankruptcy. “Twitter is being reshaped rapidly,” He added that Twitter could be thought of as “an inverse startup” and that he believed the platform could someday be worth $250 billion.

Source: The New York Times Tweet

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