Opera Takes on Apple and Google With Free VPN for iOS

Opera now includes a free VPN in its upgraded version of its iOS application. Earlier it was available on Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. Now, Opera takes on Apple and Google with Free VPN for iOS as well. It is the first web browser to offer free VPN across all major platforms. In this era, online security has become so essential as hackers can access your personal and sensitive information like credit card details, passwords, etc. So, it’s essential that you use a VPN to secure yourself online.

Opera takes on Apple and Google for Free VPN for iOS

Initially the VPN tool of Google was compatible with Android and iOS, but last year Google enlarged its VPN tool to PC and Mac users. It is Opera’s largest competitor. Only the paid subscribers get access to the VPN in the case of Google in its Google One Premium plans. The iCloud Private Relay feature of Apple also encrypts the internet connection. But it is also available to paid subscribers like Google.

But the VPN offered by Opera does not need a subscription. Moreover, the users do not have to log in to make use of this feature. It also ensures the security of its users by not gathering personal information of their browsing activity or their IP address.

Besides that, you do not need any extra extensions to make use of this VPN. The VPN traffic can be concealed by activating the VPN from the main menu in the application. The free tools are also provided to the users by the revenue made with the help of channels like ad revenues, technology licensing fees, and search.

The Opera app for iOS users tries to be different by offering new VPN features. The Opera mobile browser app incorporates tools such as My Flow in order to share files between computers, tablets, and phones. The other features are a built-in ad blocker, a Crypto Wallet feature, cryptojacking protection feature, bookmarks feature to manage essential content; a live score feature to follow the scores of the tracking sports teams with the help of the scoreboard on the homepage of the browser. etc.

Though some of the features will be launched today its entire rollout would happen over the coming weeks. So, you would not be able to view the latest VPN features when you begin the iOS app, but you would see them soon.

In the year 2016, this Norwegian company was sold to a Chinese consortium, so some of the users do not feel secure with the VPN offered by Opera. Some of the Chinese-owned applications have been banned, thus complicating U.S.-Chinese relations, thereby it might hinder the future plans of Opera. The privacy settings of Opera have also been criticized by some security researchers.

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Source: Opera Blog

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