Opera Launches Opera One: A Redesigned and Modernized Internet Browser

Opera is no stranger to evolution, and this is the proof. Opera launches Opera One, a redesigned and modernized internet browser, bringing the most relevant features front and center. With automatic adjustments based on context, your browsing experience will feel effortless and fluid. And just wait until you experience the powerful AI-based features we have in store for the future. Early access developer builds are available now.

Opera launches Opera One, a redesigned and modernized internet browser

Say goodbye to cluttered screens and hello to fluid functionality that puts the most important features right where you need them. Thanks to its context-sensitive design, Opera One effortlessly adjusts to suit your browsing behavior. And that’s not all – this browser will soon be infused with cutting-edge AI capabilities that are sure to blow your mind. Opera One could be the biggest rival to the new search engine Google plans to introduce soon.

Opera revealed their Opera One on a blog post by Julia Szyndzielorz, Senior Public Relations Manager at Opera on 25th April 2023, and a TL; DR of the entire blog would be:

  • Modular Design philosophy that adapts to the user’s needs.
  • Multithreaded Compositor for a faster and smoother user interface.
  • Tab Islands feature for better tab management and organization.
  • Clear and distinguishable tab islands with separate colors and borders.
  • Automatic creation of tab islands based on the browsing context.
  • Manual grouping of tabs into tab islands using CTRL/Command button and right-clicking.
  • Moving tabs between tab islands by drag and drop.
  • Adding to an existing tab island by drag and drop or using the small plus button on the side of the island.
  • Planned addition of generative AI features soon.
  • Continued improvements to the browser UI through advances in Modular Design.

Regardless of Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s concerns about AI, every company is moving at a fast pace towards including AI somehow and Opera One will be joining soon with its redesigned and modernized Internet Browser OperaOne.

Source: Opera Blog

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