OpenAI Fixes ‘Significant Issue’ in ChatGPT that Let Users See Others’ Conversation History

ChatGPT has a history of surprising AI fans with new unbelievable features every other day taking the Artificial Intelligence world by storm. But great things too get hurdled by problems every now and then. One such issue came up last week when many users reported it but OpenAI fixes ‘Significant Issue’ in ChatGPT that let users see others’ conversation history.

OpenAI Fixes ‘Significant Issue’ in ChatGPT that Let Users See Others’ Conversation History

An AI chatbot has the capability of providing answers to queries that an average human would take days and even a good search engine like Google won’t provide answer in active form. Therefore, people are lately making great use of AI chatbots and specifically Chat-GPT chatting with it to find out answers to their long standing questions.

But last week a weird thing happened when people were able to see chat and conversation history of other users. This rang alarm bells for everyone using the AI tools and the level of privacy it offers.

Taking this issue as a matter of serious importance OpenAI said on Wednesday it had fixed a bug that caused this issue. Through a tweet Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI informed that, “unfortunately, users will not be able to access their chat history from Monday 1 am PDT until Monday 10 am PDT. We will follow up with a technical postmortem.”

Later he put some light on the “bug in an open source library” and that a fix has been validated and released for the same. Apologizing for the issue he said, “we feel awful about this.”

Source: OpenAI CEO Tweet

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