OpenAI ChatGPT App Embraces Web Browsing, but Limits User Choice with Bing

OpenAI has recently introduced an exciting update to its mobile ChatGPT app that allows Plus users to utilize web browsing to access up-to-date information and extend the app’s knowledge beyond its original training data. However, it is important to note that the browsing functionality is currently limited to using Bing as the search engine. Let’s dive deeper into this development and explore its implications.

OpenAI ChatGPT App Embraces Web Browsing, but Limits User Choice with Bing

Browsing with Bing

The newly added browsing feature in the ChatGPT app provides Plus users with the ability to access current events, information, and insights from the web. By enabling Browsing in the app settings and selecting GPT-4 as the model, users can expand their inquiries beyond the model’s pre-existing knowledge base. To perform web searches, the ChatGPT integrates with Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, offering users a wide range of search results and up-to-date information.

Search History Improvements

OpenAI has also addressed a significant user request by implementing improvements to the search history functionality within the ChatGPT app. Now, when users tap on a search result, they are taken directly to the specific point in the conversation where the information was provided. This enhancement streamlines the user experience and allows for seamless navigation through search results, facilitating more efficient interactions with the app.

An Interesting Move with Room for Improvement

OpenAI’s decision to integrate web browsing functionality into the ChatGPT app is undoubtedly a noteworthy development. By enabling users to access current information and insights, OpenAI is enhancing the utility and versatility of its language model.

However, the restriction to use Bing as the sole search engine may raise questions and concerns among users about potential biases or limitations associated with a single search engine. While Bing is a popular search engine, some users might prefer other search engines or have individual preferences based on their experience and familiarity.

Nevertheless, OpenAI’s continuous efforts to improve the ChatGPT app by incorporating browsing capabilities and refining search history functionality demonstrate their commitment to delivering a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

OpenAI’s addition of web browsing functionality to the ChatGPT app, along with the improved search history feature, signifies a step forward in enhancing user experience and expanding the model’s capabilities. While the limitation to Bing as the exclusive search engine may raise concerns, OpenAI’s move showcases their dedication to empowering users with real-time insights and comprehensive answers.

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