NVIDIA Reveals its Most Advanced AI Services for Enterprises

We are living in a revolutionary era right now. The world is entering a new age of AI, with generative AI like ChatGPT and Bard at the forefront of this tech revolution. Soon every tech enterprise will integrate these new AI systems into their operation and NVIDIA is making this dream come true for many enterprises. NVIDIA Reveals its Most Advanced AI services for enterprises. Now any developer can build a specialized AI system with their new services.

NVIDIA Reveals its Most Advanced AI services for enterprises

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang today said in his keynote at the company’s GTC conference, “The impressive capabilities of generative AI have created a sense of urgency for companies to reimagine their products and business models.” Huang further said, “We are at the iPhone moment of AI,”

NVIDIA revealed about their advanced AI platform brings cutting-edge advancements in their press release. With specialized software like:

  • NVIDIA L4 for AI Video, which can deliver 120x more AI-powered video performance than CPUs, combined with 99% better energy efficiency. Serving as a universal GPU for virtually any workload, it offers enhanced video decoding and transcoding capabilities, video streaming, augmented reality, generative AI video, and more.
  • NVIDIA L40 for Image Generation, which is optimized for graphics and AI-enabled 2D, video, and 3D image generation. The L40 platform serves as the engine of NVIDIA Omniverse™, a platform for building and operating metaverse applications in the data center, delivering 7x the inference performance for Stable Diffusion and 12x Omniverse performance over the previous generation.
  • NVIDIA H100 NVL for Large Language Model Deployment is ideal for deploying massive LLMs like ChatGPT at scale. The new H100 NVL with 94GB of memory with Transformer Engine acceleration delivers up to 12x faster inference performance at GPT-3 compared to the prior generation A100 at the data center scale.
  • NVIDIA Grace Hopper for Recommendation Models is ideal for graph recommendation models, vector databases, and graph neural networks. With the 900 GB/s NVLink®-C2C connection between CPU and GPU, Grace Hopper can deliver 7x faster data transfers and queries compared to PCIe Gen 5.

To break it down, NVIDIA AI provides the following solutions to their users

  • Generative AI – Customize and deploy pre-trained foundation models.
  • AI Training – Train LLMs and generative AI in the cloud.
  • Data Analytics – Speed business process analytics and lower TCO.
  • Inference – Drive breakthrough AI inference performance.
  • Speech AI – Build real-time conversational AI pipelines.
  • Cybersecurity – Create optimized AI pipelines to address threats.

With these new features, NVIDIA AI will provide enterprises with AI solutions that will make it easy to integrate AI. To stay updated about everything happening in the world of AI and tech stay tuned to TechCult.

Source: NVIDIA Press Release

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