Nova Lands is Launching on Xbox One

Nova Lands is launching on Xbox One on 21st June 2023. Get ready for an immersive experience while you step into the diverse world of endless possibilities, unique biomes, and fascinating creatures.

Nova Lands is Launching on Xbox One

The game offers an unparalleled gaming experience to the players by combining adventure, base building, and automation mechanics. The stunning landscapes and survival challenges will captivate you throughout your journey in the game. Customize the structures and equipment using building and crafting mechanics to suit your preferences. Unlock new technology and unleash the creativity you have. The new technologies will help you in your mission to survive and attain prosperity.

As Nova Lands launches on Xbox One were thrilled to inform you that advanced automation will be your ally in this game. At the initial level of the game, players will be unlocking the ability to create and configure bots. You will witness these bots in action who are going to tirelessly complete the tasks assigned to them.

The game offers three types of bots.

  • The purple ones are the collector bots that gather and deliver specific materials.
  • The yellow bots are the logistical bots that transport the collected material where it is needed the most.
  • Blue bots are fighter bots that are used for defense or hunting.
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The tools in Nova Lands help the players to automate the planetary industry. For example, the specialized transporter arms work in coordination with logistics bots, and the Drones deliver the material between islands efficiently.

As your Industrial empire expands in Nova Lands you open yourself for even greater achievements. You’ll be given a chance to engage in Interplanetary trade which signifies the opening up of new possibilities. You can also pay a visit to the Space Station where you will come across NPCs, peruse intriguing shops and other things.

The Nova Lands comprise multiple islands that have a combination of minerals, flora, and fauna. You will encounter NPCs that will offer you quests and equipment upgrades along your journey. These NPCs may also become your allies but beware of the dangerous creatures that inhabit this beautiful world.

While venturing deep into Nova Lands, you’ll uncover mysteries that have not been unraveled. So, get ready to discover the secrets that are present beneath the surface and uncover the enigmas that will help you in shaping your journey.

21st June 2023, mark the date in your calendars and get ready for an exciting game filled up with lots of adventures. You can also pre-order Nova Lands and become a pioneer who will shape and conquer endless possibilities.

The launch of the game comes right before the Xbox Showcase 2023 event, which will see a list of games being launched for the famous console. It is pretty clear that the coming few weeks are going to be eventful for Xbox and the gaming community, so get ready to get the best gaming experience.

Source: Xbox Blog

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