Nextdoor Latest Feature Brings Power of OpenAI to Neighborhood

Nextdoor, the popular social networking platform for neighbors in the US, has integrated generative AI technology into its platform to enhance the user experience and promote positivity and engagement. Nextdoor is the go-to platform for neighbors worldwide, to receive trusted information, lend and receive a helping hand, and foster meaningful connections. This service is now getting the addition of latest feature that brings power of OpenAI to the Neighborhood.

Nextdoor Latest Feature Brings Power of OpenAI to Neighborhood

The Assistant feature, which is being tested in the platform’s initial iteration, uses advanced language analysis technology to assist community members in generating more positive and engaging posts. It will be available to more users in coming weeks to review and modify their post suggestions before publishing them.

At a time when Company as big as Microsoft is laying off ethics and society team of Artificial Intelligence, Nextdoor is still abiding by principles for ethical use of Generative AI. These include transparency, privacy, safety, accountability, and inclusivity. These principles prioritize informing users, protecting user privacy, ensuring safety, having human oversight, and preventing discrimination and biases in AI systems.

Nextdoor is also experimenting with AI to prompt users to use friendlier language and revise unkind comments through a Kindness Reminder. This accelerates their efforts to create an inclusive and welcoming community and foster a positive and inclusive environment, addressing the concern of online negativity prevalent on social media platforms.

Kiran Prasad, Nextdoor’s Chief Product Officer, explained that “Our goal is to bring neighbors together to create stronger and more connected communities. We are excited about the possibilities for generative AI applications to help us realize this objective by fostering kinder, more productive, and engaging conversations – both online and offline

Nextdoor wouldn’t be the first to incorporate ChatGPT into their applications and would be joining the likes of Microsoft and Zoom to improve and build a better experience for their users.

Nextdoor is a company that says kindness is core to their purpose and they are doing their best to prove so. With nearly 305,000 neighborhoods across 11 countries trusting their services, the platform is doing its best to create bonds in a century where people prefer being with themselves. And this is going to be better in the future as Nextdoor latest feature brings power of OpenAI to the Neighborhood.

Source: Nextdoor Press Release

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