New Game Plus Mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake

It is confirmed now that there will be a New Game Plus mode in Resident Evil 4 remake, and the gaming community is relieved after this confirmation surfaced, Resident Evil is a critically acclaimed horror game based on survival whose remake is soon going to arrive, there are some details about the game that are being revealed ahead of the launch. The director and producer of the game were invited for an rapid-fire interview and they were asked several questions about the game. They answered about what will return in the remake and what will not, also they talked about the new additions to the game’s remake.

New Game Plus mode in Resident Evil 4 remake

The original Resident Evil 4 was already considered a masterpiece by the director, the New Game Plus will be given once the player beats the full game. In the New Game Plus mode the players are allowed to play the game with all the weapons and items that they collected in the last playthrough. Extra rewards such as new weapons and outfits will be earned once the player completes the game.

A YouTube channel named Game Informer uploaded a video of the rapid-fire interview of the Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, producer of the game, and Yasuhiro Ampo, director of the game. The interview contained questions that were actually related to New Game Plus mode in Resident Evil 4 remake and what all will be there in the game. Apart from the non-important questions there were some very important questions that had really important answers that relate to remake of Resident Evil 4.

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The answers given by the producer and director unveiled a lot of features that will be added to the remake such as the photo mode and inclusion of Haptic feedback of the Dualsense controller of PS 5. Mike who is the helicopter pilot is going to have more appearances in the game. Dog Leon will be saved from the El Giante and the one who saves him might not be dead.

New Game Plus, in this age seems to be an afterthought. The survival horror games are short in duration and the addition or inclusion of the New Game Plus mode provides the option of more replays. The confirmation of New Game Plus in the remake of Resident Evil 4 has given relief to the fans who were eagerly waiting for the remake’s release.

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Source: Game Informer YouTube Channel

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