New Camo 2 App to Enhance Crappy Camera Quality

New Camo 2 to Enhance Crappy Camera Quality

Reincubate launched Camo 2 on 16 March 2023, which will be an upgrade to their previous product Camo which was launched in 2020. The new Camo 2 app to enhance crappy camera quality for all web cameras. The initial product launched by the company promised to develop solutions to fix the bad video quality issues during webcam calls and launched the Camo series, now the company has announced the launch of Camo 2 with new features that will work on all cameras.

New Camo 2 to Enhance Crappy Camera Quality

One of the key features of Camo 2 is that it supports all webcams, built-in or connected pro cameras, Continuity Camera, or action cams. With the announcement of Camo 2, the company has claimed that if a user can connect a camera to their PC or Mac, Camo 2 will be able to support it. The devices that Camo 2 will be able to support include built-in device cameras, laptops or monitors with built-in cameras, DSLR and mirrorless cameras, capture cards and HDMI dongles, action cameras, and other software visual cameras. The device will also be able to support iPhones that connect with Continuity Camera. The new was also shared on the official YouTube channel of Reincubate.

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Camo 2 also includes other new exciting features. New features will make the calls much more efficient and will make the tool more user-friendly. The following are some of the newly included features on Camo 2.

  • Bokeh depth effect
  • Light correction
  • Blur effect
  • Greenscreen
  • Auto framing

Along with these features, Camo 2 also includes Hardware acceleration for AMD, Apple Silicon, Nvidia, and Intel hardware, which will provide 3-5 times greater efficiency than other effects. Camo 2 is also bringing a new Fluent Design for Windows, which will make the device interface more user-friendly. If all this was not enough, Camo 2 will also have 4K output and native LUT support.

Just like Camo, Camo 2 will be fully compatible with Zoom, Teams, OBS, Safari, Chrome, Discord, FaceTime, etc. The best part about this is that Camo 2 will be available without any tracking or in-app ads. Camo 2 will be available for free, however, if you want to use the advanced features, you will need to subscribe to Camo Pro for $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year. You can also buy a lifetime license for Camo 2 for $79.99.

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With the release of new upgrades, Reincubate is hoping that the new Camo 2 app to enhance crappy camera quality and will be able to resolve blurring and bad video quality issues.

Source: Reincubate Announcement

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