5 Netflix Proxy Detected Error Fix

Netflix provides a huge list of movies and web series that you can binge-watch on your system. However, there are also many error codes that you may face while using Netflix. You may face Netflix proxy errors on your system. Some of the common errors you may face are Netflix Error F7111-1331, Netflix proxy error m7111-5059, and Netflix Error F7111-5033. We bring to you a helpful guide to performing Netflix Proxy detected fix on Windows 10. So, continue reading!

How to Perform Netflix Proxy Detected Fix

Netflix Proxy Detected Error Fix

The main reason for Netflix Proxy error is your VPN server. If you are using a particular VPN that cannot bypass the blocked proxy, then you may face the said error. Here, we have listed all the possible troubleshooting methods to solve the above listed Netflix proxy errors. 

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Follow the given basic troubleshooting methods to fix Netflix error code F7111.

Method 1A: Restart Router

1. Find the Power button at the back of your router.

2. Press the button once to turn it off.

router power button. Fix Netflix Error F7111-5033

3. Now, disconnect Router power cable and wait until the power is entirely drained from the capacitors.

4. Then, reconnect the power cable and switch it on after a minute. 

5. Wait until the network connection is re-established and try signing in again.

Method 1B: Reset Network Settings

You can reset the Network settings on your PC to fix any network-related errors. Read our guide on how to reset network settings on Windows 10 here.

netsh winsock reset command. Fix Netflix Error F7111-5033

Method 1C: Release and Renew IP Address

Follow these steps to release and renew the IP address and fix Netflix error code NW-6-503 and F7111:

1. Hit the Windows key, type Command Prompt, and click on Run as administrator.

Launch Command Prompt as administrator

2. Follow our guide to flush or reset the DNS cache.

ipconfig flushdns command. Fix Netflix Error F7111-5033

3. Then, type ipconfig /release command and press the Enter key.

Command prompt running ipconfig release

4. Now, type ipconfig /renew command and hit Enter key to renew your IP address.

Command prompt running ipconfig renew

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Method 1D: Re-Login to Netflix

1. Go to Netflix webpage and click on Sign Out option from the top right corner as shown.

Launch Netflix and in the top right corner of the screen, click on Sign Out. Fix Netflix Error F7111-5033

2. Wait for 30 seconds and reboot the PC.

3. Next, visit Netflix webpage in a web browser and click on Sign In.

Sign in to netflix

4. Type your Login credentials and log into to your account. Check if Netflix proxy error m7111-5059 has been fixed or not.

Method 2: Modify VPN Settings

Following are the steps to modify the VPN and proxy server settings in Windows 10 in order to fix fix Netflix Proxy detected error:

1. Hit the Windows key and type VPN settings in the search bar, then, click Open.

open VPN settings

2. Here, select the connected VPN and click on Disconnect option.

click on Disconnect button. Fix Netflix Error F7111-5033

3. Now, close all the running programs and reboot the PC.

4. Then, open the VPN settings again and click on the Connect option as depicted below.

connect to a vpn in windows

5. Finally, launch Netflix and check if the error is fixed.

6. If not, then follow our guide to disable VPN and proxy on Windows 10.

toggle OFF Proxy server. Fix Netflix Error F7111-5033

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Method 3: Delete Netflix Cookies

Removing Netflix cookies from your web browser is a great Netflix proxy detected error. You can do the same as follows:

1. Go to Netflix clear cookies webpage in your web browser.

Navigate to any browser and clear cookies. How to Perform Netflix Proxy Detected Fix 

2. All the cookies will be cleared from the site. Now, click on Sign In and login with your credentials.

Click on Sign In

Method 4: Use IPv6 Connection Instead of IPv4

Here are the steps to use Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) connection instead of IPv4 to fix Netflix proxy error m7111-5059:

1. Press the Windows key, type Control Panel and click on Open.

open Control Panel. Fix Netflix Error F7111-5033

2. Set View by > Category and click on View network status and tasks.

click on View network status and tasks. How to Perform Netflix Proxy Detected Fix 

3. Click on the Change adapter settings option from the left sidebar.

click on Change adapter settings. Fix Netflix Error F7111-5033

4. Next, right-click on your currently active internet connection and select Properties, as depicted below.

right click on your currently active internet connection and select Properties. How to Perform Netflix Proxy Detected Fix 

5. Here, make the following changes:

  • uncheck the box marked Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • check the box marked Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) 

check the internet protocol version 6. How to Perform Netflix Proxy Detected Fix 

6. Now, double-click Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) option to open Properties window.

7. Next, check the options titled

  • Obtain an IP address automatically and
  • Use the following DNS server addresses, as shown highlighted in the pic below.

7A. For the Preferred DNS server, enter the Google Public DNS address as:

7B. And, In the Alternate DNS server, enter the other Google Public DNS as:

internet version protocol version 6 IPv6 properties. Fix Netflix Error F7111-5033

8. Finally, click on OK to save the changes and reboot Windows 10 PC.

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Method 5: Turn Off Parental Controls

If you are facing Netflix error F7111-5033, then it could be because of the Parental Controls feature. Here are the steps to turn off parental controls or change the maturity ratings in order to resolve the said issue.

1. Navigate to Netflix webpage and Sign In to your account as usual.

Netflix Sign in page. How to Perform Netflix Proxy Detected Fix 

2. Then, click on the Account option and select your profile.

3. Under PROFILE & PARENTAL CONTROLS section, click on drop-down arrow for All Maturity Ratings.

4. Then, click on Change option for Viewing Restrictions.

Netlix Account Profile and Parental Controls Viewing Restrictions

5. Enter your Login credentials to confirm.

6A. Now, select the Maturity ratings for your profile as needed.

netflix-parental-controls restricted content

6B. Or, choose to turn off all restrictions as shown.

Parental-controls-settings_Netflix PIN protection Off

7. Finally, click on Save & enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why are you facing Netflix Error F7111-1331?

Ans. Using a Bookmark in your web browser to open Netflix page may trigger this error. So, you should type the official Netflix website URL i.e. www.netflix.com to go to Netflix webpage from here.

Q2. Why do you face Netflix Error F7111-5033?

Ans. If your Netflix profile is set below the required maturity level, then you may face error code F7111-5033. You can adjust the Parental Controls on Netflix to solve this problem.


We hope that this article was helpful to learn Netflix proxy detected error codes fix.  Do leave your comments in the box below, and let us know what you want to learn next.

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