Netflix Expands Gaming Experience with LEGO Mobile Game and Cut the Rope Daily Version

In the latest development, Netflix has expanded on its gaming experience with two new mobile games for the platform including LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed and a puzzle adventure game Paper Trail.

Netflix Expands Gaming Experience with LEGO Mobile Game and Cut the Rope Daily Version

The company unveiled the launch dates for two exciting titles. First up is Cut the Rope Daily, a fresh iteration of the beloved game where players engage in the delightful task of feeding candy to the endearing creature, Om Nom. By skillfully cutting strands of rope, players navigate the challenging puzzles and embark on a fun-filled adventure. The company also disclosed the release of The Queen’s Gambit: Chess. This game draws inspiration from the renowned Netflix series, allowing players to immerse themselves in the strategic world of chess.

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Cut the Rope and the Queen’s Gambit: Chess will be available for mobile exclusively for Netflix subscribers, starting July 25 and August 1, respectively.

In 2022, during its Geeked Week event, Netflix announced a list of new games for mobile users including The Queen’s Gambit: Chess. The company aimed to expand its gaming experience with new launches aspiring to add 50 titles by the end of the year.

Netflix’s gaming service was launched in November 2021, however, over the years the company has struggled to get people to give enthusiastic responses to the gaming. Therefore, it is attempting to collaborate with popular brands such as LEGO to attract new and old customers. Recently, LEGO too brought the popular arcade game Pac-Man to LEGO sets for fans.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, a nostalgic game featuring a collection of classic and modern LEGO mini-figures, is set to offer players an immersive experience. They can construct sets, explore diverse maps, embark on quests, and engage in turn-based battles. Notable mini-figures such as Chicken Suit Guy, Hot Dog Man, Pirate Princess Argenta, Santa, and Ghostbusters will be available for players to collect. The release of the game is yet to be announced. After being removed from various app stores earlier this year, the LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is currently available on Facebook’s gaming platform but will become inaccessible by the end of 2023.

Paper Trail is an upcoming game set in a captivating paper universe, where players embark on a journey of exploration and puzzle-solving. In this imaginative world, players must skillfully fold pages and merge paths to advance through the game. Guiding the main character, Paige, who is venturing out of her home for the first time, players unravel mysteries and overcome challenges to assist her in her transformative journey.

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While Netflix has not disclosed a specific release date, the game will be exclusively available on mobile devices for its subscribers. Additionally, Paper Trail is scheduled to launch in August on popular gaming platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, PC, and Xbox, opening up the adventure to a wider audience of players.

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