MiniTool MovieMaker Review : Pricing, Features, and More!

Find out if this editing software can transform your videos like a pro!

Are you looking for video editing software that can transform your raw footage into an Oscar-worthy masterpiece? If so, then MiniTool MovieMaker can be your perfect ally. Packed with an extensive range of features and seamless editing capabilities, this app can help you turn your cinematic dreams into reality. Let’s review the app and find out if MiniTool MovieMaker is any good or not.

MiniTool MovieMaker Review

MiniTool MovieMaker Review

There is no doubt that editing videos on your Windows laptop can be challenging. However, with the right tools, you can accomplish this fun journey with ease. So, if you are looking for a tool to edit your videos and make them look professional, your search ends here with this video editing software!

Is MiniTool MovieMaker Safe?

Yes. MiniTool MovieMaker is a popular, reliable, and safe video editing software. Developed by MiniTool, this software has been around for quite some time now. Moreover, you can download it from the official website to prevent any potential malware from infecting your device.

Is MiniTool MovieMaker Completely Free?

MiniTool MovieMaker Pricing

No. Unfortunately, MiniTool MovieMaker is not completely free for users. Although it does offer a basic plan at $0.00, you will not get as many features as with other subscription options. Here are the other subscription options offered by MiniTool MovieMaker that you might be interested in for review:

  • Free Edition at $0.00
  • Monthly Subscription at $12.99
  • Annual Subscription at $35.99
  • Ultimate Plan at $59.99

Is MiniTool MovieMaker Any Good?

Yes. This video editing software is considered a good option. It features a user-friendly interface, multiple editing options, video templates, and so much more. You can use it to edit YouTube videos, vlogs, online courses, and commentary videos. Therefore, in most cases, this tool is enough, and thus, you should give it a shot.

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Does MiniTool MovieMaker Have Watermark?

minitool moviemaker website

No. Unlike other similar video editing features, one great review of MiniTool MovieMaker is that it does not add a watermark to your creative creations.

MiniTool MovieMaker Features

There are multiple features that this free-to-use tool offers such as:

  • It is currently available for Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10/ 11.
  • You can download it for free.
  • MiniTool offers multiple subscription options.
  • You can edit and create a bunch of different types of videos.
  • It can export all image and video formats up to 1080p.
  • You can add elements and captions as required.
  • With MiniTool, you can make use of transitions such as wipes, cuts, and fades.
  • You can use your favorite music tracks and add them to your videos.
  • There are also a bunch of different filters to try and add a subtle touch of creativity.

You also don’t need a powerful system to use this software. A CPU with an Intel i5 6th gen or higher processor, 8 GB RAM, and Intel HD 5000 graphics cards, will handle operations pretty smoothly.

We hope after reading this article, your query about MiniTool MovieMaker review is now solved. If you still have any questions, then don’t forget to ask them in the comment section, we will be happy to help! Thank you for reading.

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