Minecraft-Crocs Crossover Collection

The creators of Minecraft, Mojang studios have announced their latest Minecraft-Crocs crossover collection with the famous footwear brand Crocs. Minecraft has pull off crossovers and collaborations earlier as well with big names like APPE and Burberry that are engaged in real-world apparel so that their brand appears in the game.

Minecraft-Crocs Crossover Collection

Minecraft has been one of the most famous and successful video games of all time, so it’s quite evident that many companies try to associate themselves with it. Mattel is the physical toy line partner of Minecraft that recently released the Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood DLC map so as to generate interest in detailed figurines. On 16th February 2023, the fans will see a footwear range of Crocs in the recent Minecraft x Crocs crossover.

The Minecraft-Crocs crossover collection is very wide. The focus will be on the recognizable elements of Minecraft because the Minecraft x Crocs collection contains multiple designs. The famous “Clog” shoe will be available in four different designs that will feature characters such as the creeper mascot and a variety of different animals that are seen in the game. The fans will also see Croc “Slides” available in black and green design , also the Jibbitz will be seen. Many Jibbitz will include the likes of a pig, Steve, and Alex and they will be available separately as well.

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In the Minecraft-Crocs crossover collection a virtual shoe pair will be added to the game that will accompany the physical announcement. The players will be allowed to add different Crocs item to their character which will appear with the recognizable and adjustable strap. The added merchandise is perfect for the players who like roaming around the open world of Minecraft. The day on which the shoe will release will be the same day when the shoes will be added to the wardrobe of the player and no extra cost will be added.

Crocs design is a very distinct show styles known to the world and the support and comfort are the major features of the shoe. There are chances that the collaboration may seem strange to the fans of Minecraft but it will commercially benefit both the companies a lot. For Mojang the collaboration is extremely important because they’re all set to launch the franchise’s next entry called the Minecraft Legends in April and it is going to be a full-fledged RTS game in Minecraft. A deep story has been promised to be included in the game that can be played in both co-op mode and solo mode.

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The players can enjoy the original Minecraft for now and use limitless resources to create large worlds. A player has recreated the Original legend of Zelda using the resources that can be found in the game. No external mods were used by the player in the recreation.

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