Minecraft Bug that Turned Sun into Giant Squid

Minecraft Bug that turned Sun into Giant Squid

A player came across an unusual Minecraft bug that turned Sun into Giant Squid. The screenshot was shared by a player. The unsettling occurrence in Mojang Studio’s game has occurred due to a bug. Minecraft will soon receive a major update by the end of this year when Minecraft 1.20 update will release. This update will bring fresh mobs and new biomes.

Minecraft Bug that turned Sun into Giant Squid

The game has gone through major changes since it was released on PC 15 years ago. The changes transformed the game into the best-selling game of all time. Minecraft is now available in a lot of mobile devices and PC consoles. With Mojang Studio being acquired by Microsoft in 2014, the game witnessed the largest expansion in its reach. Players have witnessed a lot of bugs in the game but the Minecraft Bug that turned Sun into Giant Squid was one the most unusual bug of all time.

Reddit user avigail2015 shared the screenshot of the bug on r/Minecraft which they encountered when they were playing Minecraft. In the screenshot, we can witness a player looking upward in the sky only to find that the sun in the game has been replaced by a giant structure that looks similar to Minecraft’s Squid mobs.

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The responding Redditors found the bug to be more amusing than unsettling. The post received mixed responses and some responses were even helpful. The giant squid that replaces the Sun is not as frightening as the Enderman and Creepers that cross our paths while we explore the subterranean caverns in Minecraft. The players lost some confidence due to the sky-high squid in their gameplay. At least avigail2015 didn’t find a creepy Enderman staring at them silently.

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