Minecraft Being Brought to Chromebooks by Microsoft

Minecraft being brought to Chromebooks by Microsoft. An early access version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will be launched by Microsoft of ChromeOS. Due to Android support of ChromeOS, the game will run on Chromebooks effortlessly. Minecraft Being Brought to Chromebooks by Microsoft

The game will include a marketplace, cross-device play with friends, and Realms playing support. Mojang is the developer of the Minecraft game that launched Minecraft: Education Edition in 2020 on Chromebooks. A school license or Office 365 Education Account for this special edition.

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According to Mojang in their Blog Post, “Early access means that in this first stage, only selected Chromebook devices that meet the minimum requirements will get the option to buy Minecraft, so you’ll have to check the Google Play Store to see if Minecraft is available for you. This isn’t because we want to single out some of our players as special (we love you all equally!) – it’s so we can test the game’s performance before we make it available to more players.”

The users of Chromebooks used workarounds to run Minecraft on ChromeOS or else they settled for Minecraft: Education Edition. Linux apps and some manual steps are required on the Chromebook to run the Java version of the game. Additionally, for handling the performance demand, a high-end Chromebook is needed.

The release date of the full version of Minecraft has not been confirmed by Mojang on Chromebook but Mojang wrote “Once it’s officially released, everyone with a compatible Chromebook will be able to download it from the Google Play Store,”

The team has planned to invest the upcoming weeks in squashing the bugs to avoid strange characters like Ender Dragons dancing in the sky. The expansion news of Minecraft being brought to Chromebooks by Microsoft came out as the company attempts to win over the Activision Blizzard acquisition.

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This week Microsoft signed two deals related to cloud gaming services. The deal was closed with Ubitus and Boosteroid. It was considered as a bid to convince the regulators that Microsoft will not shut the access to famous games like Minecraft and Call of Duty rather the games will be brought to new platforms.

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