Microsoft Teams Adds New Animated Backgrounds

Microsoft Teams is adding new animated backgrounds to the original collection which hasn’t seen any major update since 2020. But now Teams users can spice up their video calls and express their individuality to make virtual communication more exciting than ever before.

Microsoft Teams Adds New Animated Backrounds

To make the Teams experience more engaging and personalized, Microsoft is making a number of efforts; may it be adding Payments app in Teams or launching new backgrounds regularly.

The latest additions include backgrounds named Earth Day, Holiday backgrounds, Pride, Xbox, Allyship for Ukraine, etc. But the one we found most interesting were Nostalgia backgrounds that give you ’90s PC vibes.

Teams Backgrounds | Microsoft Teams Adds New Animated Backrounds

Along with adding new animated backgrounds, the company is planning to introduce an array of pretty picture backgrounds. These are said to launch this month and will be divided into 6 categories. Escape artists, Feeling dreamy, and Imagination at play are some of the categories.

Microsoft blog stated “For the group, virtual backgrounds are more than just pretty pictures — they’re conduits for authenticity, connection, and communication. This is your invitation to experience a whole new level of fun and self-expression with Teams’ visually stunning backgrounds.”

In addition to these new animated backgrounds, recently, Microsoft Teams had also added Green Screen background for Teams meetings. It intends to enhance resolution and sharpen the background around your face, head, ears, and hair for better reception of visuals at recipient end.

Microsoft Teams has a global user base of over 300 million people, and its new background collection reflects this diversity. The update offers bright and dark scenes to accommodate different time zones and lighting conditions. The backgrounds are designed to be seamless and transport users to distinct worlds while maintaining a cohesive look and feel. Every detail has been carefully considered to maximize customer satisfaction. If you want to add these backgrounds in your next team video call you can check out our guide on how to change the Teams background.

Source: Microsoft Design Blog

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