Microsoft Removes Twitter from its Advertising Platform

Twitter is in the news again, but no, Elon Musk hasn’t done anything, yet. Microsoft Removes Twitter from its Advertising Platform. A lot has changed with Twitter, from constant layoffs to a change in ownership after Elon Musk’s X Corp absorbed it. Being removed from Microsoft’s advertising platforms could have major repercussions on Twitter’s revenue.

Microsoft Removes Twitter from its Advertising Platform

What Microsoft officially says on their Advertising Help Page is, “Starting on April 25, 2023, Smart Campaigns with Multi-platform will no longer support Twitter.” What this means for businesses is simple, they will lose access to Twitter, the social media management tools in Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center. Following this they will have to adjust their strategies and look for alternative platforms to manage and track Twitter campaigns.

As of April 25, 2023, users will be unable to the following:

  • Access their Twitter account through DMC’s social management tool
  • Create and manage drafts or Tweets
  • View past Tweets and engagement
  • Schedule Tweets

After Twitter changed its API pricing might have led to this move by Microsoft. While the Basic tier starts at $100, the Enterprise plan charges onwards $42,000. This led many smaller developers to close their Twitter-based players. Even big players have decided not to pay Twitter too.

The news may seem like a shocker but some action from Microsoft seemed pending after Elon Musk announced his TruthGPT in response to other Left-Wing AI. Microsoft is one of the biggest investors in ChatGPT, investing $10 billion in the generative AI platform.

Source: Microsoft Advertising Help Page

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