Microsoft Phone Link App Now Lets you Use iMessage from PC

Microsoft is planning to bring iMessage access to Windows, Microsoft Phone Link app now lets you use iMessage from your PC. A preview of the updated Phone Link app will be available on Windows Insider from February 28, 2023. The Phone Link application by Microsoft allows iPhone users to access Windows laptops and computers. The new update will allow iPhone users to send and receive messages via iMessage. Users will also be able to see notifications on their Windows 11 computer when they receive a message on iMessage.

Microsoft Phone Link app now lets you use iMessage from your PC

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Microsoft will be using Bluetooth technology to connect iPhones with the Phone Link application. This will allow users to message contacts who also own an iPhone directly from their computers. However, there are some limitations in the new update. Users will not be able to send photos and participate in group chats with the Phone Link app. Users will also not be able to see the complete chat history as only those chats will be visible that were made with the Phone Link app. As of now, Microsoft also won’t be using the iconic blue and green chat bubbles, as it is not able to differentiate between a normal text and one that is sent via iMessage.

The experience on the Phone Link app for iPhone will be basic in compression to Android, but, considering that the app has never worked for iPhones before, there is a lot of potential in the future. Although users won’t be able to integrate photos with the Phone Link app, Microsoft Windows 11 already provides an option for iCloud Photos integration. It is only a matter of time before the feature will be included in the Phone Link app as well.

The Phone Link new update will be available in Windows Insider in Dev, Beta, and Release Preview channels. However, Microsoft is starting testing with a small group of testers this week. In a blog shared by Microsoft on February 28, 2023, the company stated, “We will increase the availability of the preview to more Insiders over time and based on feedback we receive with this first set of Insiders”.

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With the latest update, the Microsoft Phone Link app now lets you use iMessage from your PC. However, the app interface is still basic and needs a lot more improvements. Microsoft too seems to be looking forward to making the app more accessible and easier to use.

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