Microsoft Made Outlook for Mac Free

Microsoft Makes Outlook for Mac Free

On March 6, 2023, Microsoft made Outlook for Mac free to use. Now, you will not have to buy a Microsoft 365 subscription or Office license to use Outlook as you will be able to download Outlook from the App Store for free. This move by Microsoft will make its Windows desktop Outlook email client more web-activated.

Microsoft Makes Outlook for Mac Free

In a blog by Outlook, it was also revealed that the Outlook app for Mac will soon have a menu bar peek option so that you can see the calendar entries. Microsoft also plans to support Apple Focus experience with the latest Outlook Profiles very soon. Outlook for Mac is compatible with accounts, Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, and any email provider which has IMAP support. Microsoft remodeled the email client of mac in the year 2020. It was an advanced version and it supports Apple’s new macOS design changes.

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Handoff with iOS feature lets users start some tasks on one device and then do it on another device from right where they left it. The feature is also supported by Outlook for mac. The Outlook for Mac is enhanced for M1 and M2 chips. Moreover, it offers a macOS widget for notification center support and calendar entries.

Microsoft Outlook on App Store

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However, Microsoft has made clear that they will not be updating Outlook for Mac to a progressive web app now. As per Michael Palermiti, a partner product group manager for Outlook, “The new Outlook for Mac is a native macOS app. Microsoft plans to continue building and maintaining best-in-class native apps on macOS and iOS. No Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are planned for Mac Outlook.”

Fortunately, Microsoft still plans to bring new updates for Outlook soon. “There is more to do and many more features we are excited to bring to the Outlook Mac experience,” says Jeremy Perdue, a product manager for Outlook for Mac. “We are rebuilding Outlook for Mac from the ground up to be faster, more reliable, and to be an Outlook for everyone.” Working in the same direction, Microsoft has made Outlook for mac free on the Apple store.

Source: Official Outlook Blog

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