Microsoft Kills Internet Explorer Browser on Valentine’s Day

Perhaps the day that celebrates love wasn’t the same foreveryone as Microsoft kills Internet Explorer browser on Valentine’s Day, 14th of February’2023. As officially announced on the community website, Microsoft has permanently halted the use of Internet Explorer for consumer versions of Windows 10 with a Microsoft Edge update. The innocence of nostalgia shatters again.

Microsoft Kills Internet Explorer Browser on Valentine’s Day

Last year Microsoft geared back and drove its long-time valentine, the Internet Explorer, into scrap. After more than a decade of dominance and establishing its legacy, official support for the browser had already ended on Windows 10. Now, since February 14, 2023, users will be redirected to the more subtle and refined Microsoft Edge browser. If you are still able to use Internet Explorer, count the days until the new update on the Edge browser knocks. Additionally, the remains in the form of visual references including the icons on the Start Menu and taskbar will be shelved, starting on June 13, 2023.

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Despite the fact that Windows 11 was never introduced with Internet Explorer, users were able to use it on their antique Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems. While officially, the retro browser was not functional anymore since June 2022, it was in operation for the business and organizations still associated with it. Finally, in December 2022, the eleventh iteration of Internet Explorer fell from the edge on Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, Edu and loT, making it a mandatory requirement to update to Microsoft’s current browser to avoid any kind of discrepancies.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions to certain versions that would still support the IE11 desktop application, like all versions of the Windows 10 Long-Term Servicing Channel, Windows 10 client LTSC and Windows 10 China Government edition.

It seems like Microsoft still continues to provide some leniency to business organizations, adhering to the warning to upgrade as stated on their community page. That means if an organization faces a disruption by the permanent disablement of the Internet Explorer browser desktop application and experiences issues using Microsoft Edge with IE mode, it can:

Most of us have spent our entire childhood surfing and browsing the internet using Internet Explorer. While the app was slow, tacky, and prone to bugs over time, it’s the visuals that still resonate with users. Just on a happy note, Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge will also remain enabled for now with the Reload in IE mode button in the taskbar. While the Microsoft Edge browser is completely different from IE, the websites and applications run on it in Internet Explorer mode give hints of it in a more fashionable manner. Being said that, Microsoft for the time has decided to continue with the same base as IE (MSHTML/Trident).

The browser from 1995, which achieved a usage share of 95% in 2003, is now being nailed into a coffin. It isn’t amiss to say that over time when other browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox were doing much better and adapting to users’ requirements fast, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was becoming more comfortable with spyware, adware, and uninvited malware. Consequently, that now with Microsoft kills Internet Explorer browser on valentine’s day has led it to run out of business and crown down from its reign.

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Source: Microsoft Community

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