Microsoft is Rolling Out AI Image Generator for Edge

Microsoft is rolling out an AI image generator for Edge that will be available on desktops for Microsoft Edge users around the world. The announcement for the new feature was made via a blog post shared by the company. The image generator tool was announced by the company in March 2023, however, now, it is being provided globally to all Edge users.

Microsoft is Rolling Out AI Image Generator for Edge

Image generator tools are not new, there are multiple software and AI-supported tools that help you create specific graphics for social media posts and advertisements. However, now Microsoft Edge will provide its own AI image generator which will be available from the browser making multitasking much easier for the users.

For now, according to Microsoft, a user will have to manually set up the tool on their browser sidebar. A user can add the AI image generator to their Edge sidebar by using the below-mentioned steps:

1. Open Edge Sidebar and click on the + icon.

Open Edge Sidebar and click on the plus icon

2. Here, you should be able to see the Image Creator toggle once the tool is rolled out for your desktop, you will just have to turn the toggle on to enable the tool.

At the time of the announcement, it is not clear how many pictures a user will be able to create with the help of this tool. It is also not clear when everyone should expect AI image generators on their browsers.

Microsoft is continuously bringing new features for Microsoft Edge, as only days ago it launched Workspaces in a limited public preview. The company also plans to integrate AI into its ecosystem, and now that Microsoft is rolling out AI Image Generator for Edge it seems like a step in the same direction.

Source: Official Microsoft Blog

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