Microsoft is Exploring Advertisements on Bing AI Chat

Microsoft in the past few months has been at the forefront of providing its users the experience of Artificial Intelligence. For this it has partnered with the leading AI company OpenAI by powering its Bing engine with ChatGPT and later integrated it in its Teams app too. But amazingly there have been no ads in its Bing Chat which is now going to change as Microsoft is exploring advertisements on Bing AI Chat.

Microsoft is Exploring Advertisements on Bing AI Chat

This announcement was made by Microsoft in a blog post. Here it tried to explain to its users how the internet works and how traffic is being generated by new chat features and how it can bring value to publishers.

The process starts with Publishers making content which potentially brings traffic to their pages, but this traffic does not bring anything in for publishers until they monetize the content. The sole way to accomplish this is to run ads from advertisers wanting to promote their services or products. They then pay an amount to publishers which encourages them to create more and better content. So, it is basically a vicious cycle of content creation.

“There are now more than 100M daily active users of Bing. New scenarios like chat are driving engagement, including more than 100M chats. Of the millions of users in Preview, one third are new to Bing creating net new opportunity for publishers. This is still early data, but the signs are encouraging.”

In blog it mentioned its goals saying that Microsoft wants to drive more traffic to the publishers. This they want to accomplish using the new Bing and Edge which will help to increase traffic and consequently more revenue for the publishers.

Other than this Microsoft is also adding “citations within the body of the chat answers that are linked to sources as well as citations below the chat results to “learn more” with links to additional sources.” In additional capabilities it is adding 7,500 Microsoft Start partner brands and presented two model ideas to accomplish the said goals.

  • Link Hover: Here the idea is if you hover a link from a website then you will be able to see other content links from the same publisher to drive more traffic.
  • Rich Captions: In order to increase user engagement with the content on Microsoft Start, where they share the ad revenue with the partner, it is providing rich captions of Microsoft Start licensed content with the chat response for its Microsoft Start partners.

It would be interesting to see what happens to the traffic generation in the coming months. But the announcement has anyhow provided Bing users with clarity if Microsoft is exploring advertisements on Bing AI chat.

Source: Microsoft Blog

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